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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • March 10, 1989

    Letter by Permanent Representative to NATO Fulci to Minister of Foreign Affairs Andreotti

    Italy's permanent representative to NATO, Fulci, writes to foreign minister Andreotti following NATO's 1989 Wintex-Cimex exercise. His analysis suggests that the exercise revealed inefficincies in NATO's deterrence and flexible response strategy,

  • March 11, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 11 March 1989

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for Saturday, 11 March 1989 describes the latest developments in Tibet and China.

  • March 12, 1989

    CPSU CC Memo with excerpt from Protocol #149/23 and an attached report, 12 March 1989

    This memo concerns further measures for urgent military aid to Afghanistan.

  • March 13, 1989

    Minutes of Conversation of the Meeting of the Executive Political Committee (BCEx) of the RCP CC

    Ceausescu informs the Committee about a foreign spy, Raceanu, that had been uncovered and also discusses activities of former party members, "political hooligans."

  • March 15, 1989

    Letter, Acting Minister for State Security of the DPRK, Kim Yong Ryong, to Minister for State Security of the German Democratic Republic, Comrade Erich Mielke

    North Korea's Acting Minister for State Security thanks Erich Mielke for East Germany's support for the DPRK intelligence services and describes an upcoming delegation scheduled to visit the GDR.

  • March 21, 1989

    Transcript of the Discussions at the Meeting of the Working Group on the Peace Treaty, Tokyo

    Transcript of the discussions at the meeting of the Working Group on the Peace Treaty, Tokyo, regarding ownership of the Kurile islands and Japanese and Soviet claims of these islands

  • March 23, 1989

    Bulgarian Secretariat Resolution on Termination of Jamming of Foreign Broadcasts for Bulgaria

    The BCP CC passes a decision to stop jamming the broadcast of Western radio stations airing programs in Bulgarian. This decision however does not apply to Radio Ankara, whose Bulgarian programming continues to be blocked.

  • March 24, 1989

    Hungary: Workers Granted Right to Strike

    An analysis of new legislation in Hungary and its reflection of the regime's weakness.

  • March 24, 1989

    Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and Karoly Grosz, General Secretary of the Hungarian Socialist Workers Party, March 23-24, 1989

    These conversations reveal Gorbachev’s contradictions, as the Soviet leader proclaims again that the Brezhnev doctrine is dead and military interventions should be "precluded in the future, yet at the same time, tries to set "boundaries" for the changes in Eastern Europe as "the safekeeping of socialism and assurance of stability."

  • March 25, 1989

    Letter to Gorbachev from Shevardnadze, Yazov, and Kamentsev on Obligations for Military Assistance

    In this letter, Shevardnadze, Yazov, and Kamentsev discuss the Soviet Union's obligations to provide military assistance to their treaty partners, and the differences between treaties.

  • March 27, 1989

    National Intelligence Daily for Monday, 27 March 1989

    The CIA's National Intelligence Daily for 27 March 1989 covers developments in Haiti, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Ecuador, Lebanon, and East Germany. Certain portions of the document are redacted due to b(1) and b(3) exemptions.

  • March 29, 1989

    Memorandum of Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and HSWP General Secretary Károly Grósz,14, Moscow

    Memorandum of Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and HSWP General Secretary Károly Grósz, discussing how to define the events of 1956 and the extent of political transition in Hungary

  • April, 1989

    Central Intelligence Agency, 'Rising Political Instability Under Gorbachev: Understanding the Problem and Prospects for Resolution: An Intelligence Assessment'

    An analysis of the mounting dysfunction and political instability within the Soviet Union.

  • April 01, 1989

    Telegram by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Perlot) to Permanent Representative to NATO, 'Declaration of the Atlantic Summit'

    The Foreign Ministry offers the Italian Permanent Representation to NATO guidelines to discussing a new Atlantic Declaration. The telegram describes the unique state of East-West relations, and calls for openness and political dynamism from the Alliance members.

  • April 01, 1989

    Report of Vadim Zagladin on his conversation with Chairman of the Czechoslovak Association for U.N., Deputy Chairman of the Committee for European Security, Jan Pudlak

    Vadim Zagladin's report of his conversation with Jan Pudlak about Czechoslovakia's political opposition and strife within the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

  • April, 1989

    Committee for State Security (KGB), 'About Results of Intelligence Activities to Note Indicators for a Surprise Nuclear Missile Attack'

    This report from the KGB contains results from intelligence activities conducted in April 1989 aimed at exposing indicators of a surprise nuclear missile attack on the USSR.

  • April 02, 1989

    SWAPO Department of Information and Publicity, Statement on Cease-fire Violations in Namibia, Luanda

    Statement by Angolan authorities on military clashes between South African and SWAPO troops. Argues that South African claims of SWAPO instigation are false and misleading, and that the engagements were initiated by the South African military. Further, states that South Africans have been pursuing an anti-SWAPO political and military campaign, fighting and harassing SWAPO and SWAPO supporters.

  • April 05, 1989

    Record of Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher (at the Airport and on the way to the Embassy), London

    M.S. Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher discuss global geopolitical issues, particularly growing terrorist organizations across Africa.

  • April 06, 1989

    Record of Meeting between Comrade Pak Yeong-chan and Comrade Vogel

    East German and North Korean officials discuss DPRK-GDR relations, the World Youth Festival in North Korea, and security procedures for Korean nationals in Berlin.

  • April 06, 1989

    Special Analysis: Poland: Roundtable Accords Signed

    An analysis of Solidarity's legalization and its effects on Polish politics.