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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 30, 1990

    Romania: Securitate Back in Business

    An analysis of persistent opposition demonstrations and the National Salvation Front's decision to increase the role of the Securitate.

  • January 30, 1990

    USSR: Potential for Unrest Growing in Moldavia

    An analysis of movements for autonomy in Moldavia and growing concern in Moscow.

  • January 30, 1990

    The East German Election and Soviet Troop Withdrawals

    An analysis of the potential results of East German elections and East and West German calls for Soviet and Allied troop reductions.

  • January 30, 1990

    Memorandum of Conversation Foreign Ministers Alois Mock (Austria) and Oskar Fischer (GDR), Vienna

    The document is an agenda of a meeting between Austrian Foreign Minister Mock and the Eastern German Foreign Minister Fischer. The talking points include visa requirements, car taxes, German reunification, the CSCE, Austria's neutrality policy, and a potential European Confederation.

  • January 31, 1990

    South Africa Defence Force, 'Programme for Dismantling of Weapons'

    General Geldenhuys clarifies the South African Defence Force's Command and Control Procedures for removal of weapons from weapon vaults.

  • February 01, 1990

    USSR: Estonian Nationalism on the Rise

    An analysis of growing Estonian nationalism and Communist efforts to bolster Party support.

  • February, 1990

    Round Two Negotiations on Working Out an Agreement About the Guiding Principles of a Mutual Reduction of Armed Forces and a Strengthening of Confidence in the Military Field in the Soviet-Chinese Border Region

    This chart graphically compares the PRC's and Soviet positions on the reduction of armed forces through the determination of specific geographical zones, as well as the reduction of the amount of military equipment and facilities in the border regions.

  • February 02, 1990

    Bulgaria: Prime Minster, Cabinet Resign

    An analysis of the resignations of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers and their effects on the Bulgarian political climate.

  • February 02, 1990

    National Intelligence Daily for Friday, 2 February 1990

    The CIA’s National Intelligence Daily for 2 February 1990 describes the latest developments in German unification, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Arab States, Vietnam, and the Soviet Union.

  • February 03, 1990

    Hungary: Moscow Agrees to Withdraw All Troops

    An analysis of the complete removal of Soviet troops and its potential effects on Hungarian elections.

  • February 03, 1990

    USSR: Estonians Call for Independence Negotiations

    An analysis of Estonian movements for independence.

  • February 09, 1990

    Eastern Europe: Pressing Soviet Troop Withdrawals

    An analysis of Soviet efforts to stall troop withdrawals in Hungary and Czechoslovakia.

  • February 09, 1990

    Soviet Record of Conversation between M.S. Gorbachev and US Secretary of State J. Baker

    Gorbachev and Baker discuss cuts in strategic arms and conventional forces, focusing on air-based and sea-based cruise missiles.

  • February 13, 1990

    Bush-Kohl Telephone Conversation on the Situation in Germany

    Telephone conversation between President George H. W. Bush and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl on the situation in Germany.

  • February 15, 1990

    J. W. L. de Villiers, Atomic Energy Corporation of South Africa, 'Phasing Out of the RSA's Nuclear Weapons Capability'

    Proposal to dismantle South Africa's nuclear weapons devices and components with the intention of disguising their production. South Africa would only admit to producing highly enriched uranium, not manufacturing nuclear weapons.

  • February 17, 1990

    Excerpt from Protocol No. 179 of the Meeting of the Politburo CC CPSU, 'On the Upcoming Elections in Nicaragua'

    The CC CPSU approves of the analysis made by E. A. Shevardnadze and A.N. Yakovlev on the upcoming elections in Nicaragua and the position of the Sandinista National Liberation Front.

  • February 21, 1990

    Assessment by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, 'Question of German Unity (State of affairs, February 1990)'

    The assessment by the Austrian Foreign Ministry of German Unity is broken into five subject areas. The first part concerns the responsibility of the Four Powers to a new unified Germany. Next, West Germany's commitment to German unity dating as far back as 1970. The third portion outlines the border and security concerns of East and West Germany, as well as the Soviet Union, United States, Great Britain, and France. The next part is focused on economic recovery, specifically the lack of certain goods in East Germany (ie cars and houses). Finally, the report addresses the future developments of a unified Germany with an emphasis on the security of nearby states.

  • February 23, 1990

    USSR: Baltic Nationalists Press Ahead

    An analysis of upcoming elections in Lithuania and Estonia which will strengthen Baltic independence movements.

  • February 26, 1990

    Republic of South Africa, 'Dismantling of Nuclear Weapons'

    Authorization signed by State President F. W. de Klerk to begin dismantling South Africa's nuclear weapons.

  • March 07, 1990

    Hungary: Election Campaign Heating Up

    An analysis of polls that indicate Free Democrats are most likely to win in Hungarian elections.