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  • 1989

    Concept Paper on Military Cooperation with Foreign (Non-Socialist) Countries for the Period 1990-1995

    This concept paper addresses the need to base decisions about the nature of military cooperation on the Soviet Union’s long term goal of ending the arms race and moving toward disarmament. It also details how this decision-making should look in specific developing countries in which the Soviet Union has an interest.

  • January 11, 1989

    CPSU Central Committee Resolution, 'On an Answer to an Address from the International Organization of Labor on Questions of Conversion and Defense Industry and Related Areas'

    The CPSU Central Committee directs relevant departments in the Soviet government to review questions from the International Labor Organization on conversion in the defense industry.

  • February 07, 1989

    Record from Protocol No. 147 of the Meeting of the Politburo of the CC CPSU, Supplying Arms to Angola

    In response to requests from the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, the CC CPSU agrees to supply arms which will be sent from the Soviet Union to the Republic of Cuba, and then provided during the withdrawal of Cuban troops from the People’s Republic of Angola.

  • May 22, 1989

    G. Berdennikov, 'Information on Agreement of the Draft CPSU Central Committee Resolution "On a Conception of Military Cooperation with (Non-Socialist) Foreign Countries"'

    List of CPSU Central Committee members approving the draft of a resolution "On a conception of military cooperation with (non-Socialist) foreign countries."

  • June 23, 1989

    CPSU Central Committee, 'On a Conception of Military Cooperation with Foreign (Non-Socialist) Countries'

    An introductory note to the CPSU Central Committee Resolution on military cooperation with non-Socialist countries.

  • August 21, 1989

    Resolution of the CPSU CC Politburo No. 132, 'Regarding the Appeal of Cde. Ceauşescu'

    The CPSU CC rejects Ceauşescu's proposal that the Warsaw Pact and CMEA convene to discuss the situation in Poland, stating "each of our parties and each of our states are in a position now to decide this matter for themselves, without the need to hold a multilateral meeting."

  • August 28, 1989

    CPSU CC Extract of Protocol #164/177 on the Soviet Strategy as it related to the UN and Ties to International Organizations, 28 August 1989

  • November 03, 1989

    Decision by Bulgarian Secretariat on Bulgarian Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov's Visit to China

    With this decision, the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Communist Party approves the official visit by Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov to China from 4-11 November 1989.

  • December 21, 1989

    Draft CPSU CC Decree Concerning the Complete Withdrawal of Soviet Troops from Mongolia

    A draft decree attached to the Central Committee's report on the withdrawal of Soviet military forces from Mongolia.