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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • September 23, 1957

    Report on Meetings Between Chinese and Soviet Representatives on Rocket Production

    Record of four meetings with Chinese defense officials who were seeking Russian assistance in the production of guided missiles in Chinese factories. The discuss Sino-Soviet collaboration in the education and preparation of specialists, the staffing of military research institutes, the construction of defense-related factories, and the sharing of technology. Arrangements for the sale of R-2 and S-75 missiles were also discussed.

  • September 24, 1957

    Note of V. M. Riabikov, K. N. Rudnev, and Others to the CPSU Central Committee About the Work to Launch Artificial Earth Satellites

    On preparations to launch first Soviet satellite

  • September 25, 1957

    Meeting of the Ministry of Defense Industry with Representatives of the Chinese Delegation

    Domrachev and the Chinese representatives discuss an article which states that the USSR will render assistance in the planning and creation of two research institutes in China for rockets and guidance equipment. It is decided that Chinese resources can enable the creation of no more than two institutes. Domrachev outlines the projected costs of the planning and technical documentation of the institutes, as well as the cost of construction materials.

  • September 26, 1957

    Decree of the CPSU Central Committee Presidium, 'On the Launch of an Artificial Satellite of the Earth'

    Presidium (Politburo) decree approving launch of satellite

  • September 26, 1957

    Council of Ministers Decree, 'On the Launch of an Artificial Satellite of the Earth'

    Approving the launch of the first Soviet satellite.

  • October 02, 1957

    Meeting of the Representatives of the Chinese Delegation at the Ministry of Defense Industry

    Soviet Ministry of Defense Industry representative, Illarionov, explains to the Chinese delegation the radio technology industry’s role in the construction of rockets and components of the S-75 system.

  • October 05, 1957

    Pravda Newspaper Article, 'Announcement of the First Satellite'

    Announcement of the launch of the first artificial "sputnik" satellite by the Soviet Union.

  • October 07, 1957

    Statement Delivered by D. B. Sole, Leader of the South African Delegation at the Opening of the General Debate of the First General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency

    The South African Charge d'Affaires in Vienna writes to Pretoria about talking points from the General Debate in a conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency. He encloses a copy of the speech the leader of the South African delegation, D. B. Sole, gave to open the Debate.

  • October 18, 1957

    Letter, South African Charge d'Affaires in Vienna, 'Production of Heavy Water in South Africa'

    The South African Charge d'Affaires in Vienna requests information on reported preparations to produce heavy water in South Africa.

  • October 21, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 21 October 1957

    Puzanov discusses the logistics of the display of mobile Soviet exhibits about the use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes in Pyongyang with Nam Il.

  • October 22, 1957

    Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK A.M. Puzanov for 22 October 1957

    Nam Il informs Puzanov of the leadership's approval of a display of a Soviet mobile scientific and technical exhibit on the peaceful use of atomic energy in Pyongyang.

  • November, 1957

    Events of Ukrainian Republican Committee of Peace Protection Devoted to Issue of Stopping the Nuclear Test and Prevention of the Nuclear War

    This document lists events which the Ukrainian Republican Committee of Peace Protection planned to hold during November 1957 in order to propagate against the nuclear tests and nuclear war. For example, on November 25, 1957 Committee planned to organize meeting of the medical scientists; on November 23 it planned to hold meeting of scientists of Lvov; on November 20 – 25 Committee was going to hold meeting of workers of Odessa seaport etc.

  • November 26, 1957

    Letter, South African Atomic Energy Board, 'Production of Heavy Water in the Union'

    The Deputy Chairman of South Africa's Atomic Energy Board sets out the present position in regard to the manufacture of heavy water in the Union.

  • December 10, 1957

    Letter, Nikolai Bulganin to Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Bulganin proposes a halt on nuclear tests among the United States, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom beginning on January 1, 1958.

  • December 14, 1957

    John Foster Dulles, Memorandum of Conversation with Chancellor Adenauer

    Conversation between John Foster Dulles and Chancellor Adenauer at a NATO meeting. Dulles learned from Adenauer that the French-West German project on nuclear weapons research would soon come to include Italy, to which Dulles expressed reservations and suggested a broader arrangement including the U.S. and the U.K.

  • December 15, 1957

    Announcement from the Chinese Government Supporting the Soviet Union's Suggestion for Peace

    The Chinese Government endorses a proposal by the Soviet Union for the USSR, the US, and the UK to halt nuclear weapons tests.

  • January, 1958

    A. J. A. Roux, Director of Atomic Energy Research Programme, 'Proposed Atomic Energy Research and Development Programme for South Africa'

    Dr. A.J.A. Roux sets forth his proposal for the South African nuclear proposal.

  • January, 1958

    Memorandum by Robert Schaetzel to Max Kohnstamm, 'Points to be Presented to Euratom Commission'

    This memo to Max Kohnstamm includes several points pertaining to the United States' anticipated comprehensive agreement with Euratom to be presented to the Commission.

  • 1958

    Information about Conducting in Ukraine of Month’s Campaign of Joint Actions of the People against the Nuclear Weapon and for Universal Prohibiting of the Nuclear Tests for Ever and Ever

    This document describes the monthly anti-nuclear campaign held in Ukraine from September to October, 1958. During this campaign, a number of mass meetings were organized. In this meetings, scientists lectured on the damage of nuclear tests and danger of nuclear war. The lecturers argued that only western states were responsible for conducting nuclear tests and initiating the nuclear arms race, and that the Soviet Union was forced to develop its nuclear capabilities to protect socialist countries, even though the Soviets support the idea of prohibiting the nuclear weapon.

  • March 01, 1958

    US Embassy Paris Telegram 3600 to Department of State

    In this telegram, U.S. government officials were troubled by the possibility of shared nuclear weapons research in Western Europe. Jean Laloy, the French Foreign Ministry’s director of European affairs, confidentially shared his apprehensions with an Embassy official.