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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • January 13, 1981

    Information on Visit of a Bulgarian State Security Delegation to Hungary

  • February 02, 1981

    Report by Capt. Cheneshev from Bulgarian International Relations Section on the Situation in Poland

  • February 24, 1981

    Bulgarian Secretariat Decision "B" on Gen. D. Stoyanov’s Visit to Yemen

  • February 27, 1981

    Information from an Agent in Hanoi via Bulgarian Representative in Vietnam

  • March 10, 1981

    Information from Col. T. Petrov on Explosion Near the RFE Building in Munich

  • March 15, 1981

    Information from Bulgarian Operative Group in Prague on the Situation in Poland

  • April 15, 1981

    Report on Agents' Activity During Major International Events

  • April 15, 1981

    Information on Visit to Moscow of the Head of IV Department Bulgarian State Security

  • June 22, 1981

    Report from Gen. M. Minkov, Deputy Minister of the Interior on Bulgarian Delegation’s Visit to Cuba

  • July 16, 1981

    Talks Between Delegations of Bulgarian State Security and Stasi on BND

  • July 22, 1981

    Information from Bulgarian Representative in Prague on Czechoslovak Security Operation "DELTA"

  • September 11, 1981

    PGU Information on the Anti-Socialist Campaign in the West After the Assassination Attempt Against John Paul II

  • October 27, 1981

    Decision No. 163 of the Council of Ministers Granting Delivery of Weapons to Mozambique

  • January 06, 1982

    Bulgarian State Security VI Directorate Report on Agent-Operational Work toward the Clergy in 1981

  • January 12, 1982

    Information on Collaboration between Bulgarian and Czechoslovak Ministries of the Interior in 1981

  • February 02, 1982

    Report to D. Stoyanov Regarding Visit of a VGU KGB Delegation in Bulgaria

  • April 01, 1982

    Report from Gen. G. Anachkov on Counterintelligence Work Against US Intelligence Activity

  • July 12, 1982

    Information from Gen. G. Mladenov on Completion of Tasks in Instruction 10/1980 of Bulgarian State Security Misinformation Activities

  • August 24, 1982

    Decision No. 143 of the Council of Ministers Granting Delivery of Weapons for the Ministry of the Interior of Nicaragua

  • September 08, 1982

    Information on Preparations of Iraqi Students in Bulgaria Against S. Hussein’s Regime