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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • October 07, 1982

    Conversation with the Ministers of Interior of the People's Republic of East Germany

  • October 07, 1982

    PGU Draft Info for the Talks of Gen. D. Stoyanov with E. Mielke

  • November 01, 1982

    Report on Collaboration between Bulgarian and Cuban Ministries of the Interior for the Period 1979-1982

  • November 23, 1982

    Shorthand Protocol of a Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior Leadership Meeting on Turkish issue

  • December 31, 1982

    Gen. P. Stoyanov Proposal for Compromising Measures Against CIA and Ronald Reagan

  • 1983

    Bulgarian State Security Bulletin No. 4 with Herman & Brodhead Publication in Covert Action (19/1983)

  • January 11, 1983

    Bulgarian Ministry of Interior Bulletin No. 1-2 l on Anti-Bulgarian Imperialistic Propaganda in the West

  • March 11, 1983

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to Gen. C. Kiszczak on Intelligence Materials on RFE and a Solidarity Group in Paris

  • April 12, 1983

    Bulgarian State Security Information on Turkish Journal Publication "The Bulgarian Spies"

  • April 25, 1983

    Letter from V. Cherbikov to Gen. D. Stoyanov Thanking him for Materials on Argentina, India and Portugal

  • July 15, 1983

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to Gen. C. Kiszczak with Intelligence on USA, Yugoslavia, Albania, Iran, etc.

  • July 25, 1983

    Information from Gen. G. Anachkov on Albanian intelligence Officers’ Recruitment of Agents in Bulgaria

  • August 04, 1983

    Report from Gen. G. Anachkov on New Features on the Operational Situation in Arabic Direction

  • August 19, 1983

    Information on Counterintelligence Work Against International Terrorism

  • November 15, 1983

    Letter from Gen. V. Kotzev on Second Multilateral S&T Intelligence (NTR) Meeting

  • November 28, 1983

    Letter from Gen. D. Stoyanov to P. Mladenov on Bekir Celenk’ Stay in Bulgaria

  • December 23, 1983

    Bulgarian State Security VI Directorate Report on Agent-Operational Work towards the Clergy in 1983

  • January 24, 1984

    Bulletin No 4 Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior on Subversive Activities of the Imperialist Countries Against Bulgaria

  • February 21, 1984

    Report from Gen. G. Mladenov on Subversive Activities of Military Attaches of NATO, Yugoslavia, and China

  • March 09, 1984

    Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior Information on Results from System Improvement for Detection of RYAN Indications