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  • November 13, 1951

    Letter to Amine al Ghoury

  • November 13, 1951

    Letter to Amine al Ghoury (2ndcopy)

  • November 14, 1951

    Ciphered telegram, Mao Zedong to Filippov (Stalin)

    Mao writes to Stalin of the ongoing armistice negotiations concerning Korea, specifically the proposed demarcation line (38th parallel). Mao also writes about monitoring, the exchange of prisoners of war, and economic considerations within China.

  • November 15, 1951

    News from Lebanon

  • November 19, 1951

    Ciphered telegram from Roshchin conveying message from Mao Zedong to Filippov (Stalin)

    Telegram from Roshchin to Moscow after meeting Zhou Enlai who asked him to request of Stalin an answer to Mao's earlier inquiry on the negotiations in Korea.

  • November 19, 1951

    Soviet Politburo Decision with Approved Message from Gromyko to Razuvaev

    Telegram from Gromyko to Razuvaev requiring more clear explanation about the earlier inquiry regarding Korean situation.

  • November 19, 1951

    VKP(b) CC Politburo decision with approved message Filippov (Stalin) to Mao Zedong

    Reply to Mao's inquiry of 14 November regarding stances to adopt in armistice negotiations.

  • November 20, 1951

    CIA-State Department “Summit” Limits Scope of Radio Free Europe

    Assistant Secretary of State Edward Barrett reviews Free Europe Committee plans with Allen Dulles and other officials. The State Department vetoes startup of Radio Free Europe Baltic broadcasting on grounds that it would duplicate Voice of America broadcasts and insists that the Crusade for Freedom be toned down. Dulles subsequently rejects the latter point in a handwritten annotation.

  • November 20, 1951

    Gromyko to G.M. Malenkov, attaching draft telegram to Razuvaev

    Telegram from from Gromkyo to Malenkov asking for a review of a draft telegram to the Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK, Razuvaev. The draft chastises Razuvaev for permitting the North Koreans to make an appeal before the UN without first consulting the Soviet Union or China.

  • November 21, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram No. 26044, Gromyko to Razuvaev

    Telegram from Gromyko to Razuvaev instructing him to explain to the Chinese and Koreans the reasoning behind Vyshinsky's demand that the demarcation line be established at the 38th parallel rather than at the present front line.

  • November 26, 1951

    Palestinians Spying for Britain

  • November 27, 1951

    Ciphered Telegram No. 503577 from Razuvaev to Shtemenko, transmitting a Telegram from Kim Il Sung to Filippov [Stalin]

    Kim Il Sung states why he thinks it would be beneficial to send Soviet weapons to two Chinese divisions. Also a telegram discussing future shipment of weapons to the Korean People's Army.

  • November 27, 1951

    Meeting Minutes between Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu and Indian Commisioner T.N. Kaul

    Zhang Hanfu and Kaul discuss the grain trade between China and India, the situation at the border following the PRC's incorporation of Tibet, and the arrangements for Zhang Hanfu to attend the International Industrial Expo in Bombay

  • December 01, 1951


  • December 09, 1951

    Telegram from Shtemenko to Poskrebyshev

    Reporting that in all the battles from 1 November 1950 to December 1951 fought by the airforce and anti-aircraft artillery, 569 enemy aircrafts were shot down, and 510 allies' aircrafts were shot down.

  • December 10, 1951

    The Situation in Syria

  • December 10, 1951

    The American University of Beirut

  • December 10, 1951

    News from Lebanon

  • December 14, 1951

    Iraqi Activities in Lebanon

    Short document describing a meeting between an Iraqi Commissioner and Lebanese deputies in order to discuss a trade agreement in the aftermath of the Shishakli coup in Syria.

  • December 14, 1951

    General News