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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • July 11, 1951

    Cable No. 21680, Mao Dong to Cde. Filippov [Stalin]

    Mao sends Stalin four telegrams about the armistice negotiations which he received from Li Kenong.

  • July 12, 1951

    Cable No. 4109, Filippov [Stalin] to Mao Zedong

    Stalin thanks Mao for information about the armistice negotiations.

  • July 12, 1951

    Communist Activities

    Information on future meetings of international communist groups.

  • July 12, 1951

    VKP(b) CC Decree Draft, Soviet-Iranian Negotiations

    Draft attached to telegram, explaining that the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Relations (MFA) and Ministry of Foreign Trade (MVT) disagree with the idea of suspending negotiations with Iranians. Specifically, this is because they believe the recess will be used against them by the British and Americans in Iran.

  • July 12, 1951

    Report to I. V. Stalin, Settling Mutual Financial Claims with Iran

    Telegram distributed among top Soviet officials regarding ongoing negotiations between Iran and the USSR over financial claims. Agreements have been reached on some smaller claims, but the main Soviet claim for oil and the main Iranian claim for gold both remain an issue. Telegram suggests that the negotiations be recessed, while noting that the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and Ministry of Foreign Trade (MVT) disagree.

  • July 12, 1951

    Cable No. 21726, Mao Zedong to Cde. Filippov [Stalin]

    Mao sends Stalin a brief report concerning the 38th parallel and troop withdrawal during the armistice negotiations from Le Kenong.

  • July 13, 1951

    Syrian Intelligence Agents in Lebanon

    Short report on the activities of two Syrian intelligence agents on an assignment from the Deuxième Bureau in the South of Lebanon.

  • July 13, 1951

    Cable No. 21756, Mao Zedong to Cde. Filippov [Stalin]

    Mao asks Stalin for approval on the armistice negotiation agenda.

  • July 14, 1951

    Cable No. 4153, Filippov [Stalin] to Krasovsky, for Mao Zedong

    Stalin agrees with Mao's position in the 13 July telegram.

  • July 15, 1951

    Official Note from the Embassy of the Polish Republic in Korea

    Talks concerning truce open in Gaeseong between North and South Korea and are suspended due to disagreements on the neutral zone.

  • July 16, 1951

    Report on Radio Free Europe

    Observations of BBC managers two months after the start of RFE broadcasting from Munich on May 1, 1951. It includes their analysis of the Czechoslovak Service broadcasts on May 26th, 1951, and of the network of field bureaus to gather information from refugees. They lauded the enthusiasm of RFE broadcasters but criticized their programs for mixing opinion with fact in newscast.

  • July 20, 1951

    Regarding Riyad al Solh's Assassination

  • July 21, 1951

    Cable No. 4277, Filippov [Stalin] to Cde. Mao Zedong

    Stalin agrees with Mao on excluding the withdrawal of troops from the armistice negotiation agenda.

  • July 21, 1951

    Regarding the Assassination of King Abdullah ['Abd Allāh]

    Information on the assassin of King 'Abd Allāh (Abdullah) of Jordan

  • July 21, 1951

    A Threat to Kill Prince Farid

  • July 22, 1951

    King Abdullah’s ['Abd Allāh] Assassination, Public Opinion, Statements by Communist Parliamentarians, and Former British Soldiers

    Information on King Abdullah’s assassination, including public opinion, statements by communist parliamentarians, and former British soldiers

  • July 25, 1951

    News from Lebanon

  • July 27, 1951

    From the Diary of N. V. Roshchin: Memorandum of Conversation with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai on 24 July 1951

    Discussion between Soviet Ambassador to the PRC Roshchin and Zhou Enlai regarding the conflict in Korea. Zhou states that the war effort is a drain on China's domestic economy, but that it will bounce back once the war is won. Also describes Chinese relations with capitalist countries. Notes that the CCP lacks technical specialists of any sort.

  • August 01, 1951

    Report about a Member of the Parti Populaire Syrien

    Report about the activities of a prominent member of the Parti Populaire Syrien (SSNP) during a trip to Damascus.

  • August 01, 1951

    Those Accused of King Abdullah's Assassination in Jerusalem

    Information on those accused of King Abdullah's assassination in Jerusalem