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Digital Archive International History Declassified


  • August 12, 1993

    V.N. Shcherbin, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, 'Concerning the Situation at the 4th Unit'

    An outline of the reasons for the deterioration of the 4th block, largely owing to ventilation problems causing condensation to form, which freezes during winter and causes decay that can lead to the washing of nuclear particles into the surrounding atmosphere/groundwater. The report also proposes several emergency measures, such as improving ventilation systems, cleaning water from the block, and setting up of an investigation.

  • September 23, 1993

    Report, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, 'The Agency’s Verification Activities in South Africa'

    Report by Director General of the IAEA on the Agency’s verification activities in South Africa and the status of the country's abandoned nuclear weapons program. The report includes an overview of the history of the program.

  • November 03, 1993

    Cable, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, Minutes of Multilateral Coordination Meeting on 21 September 1993 Regarding Armscor

    Minutes of a meeting describing jurisdictional confusion between Armscor and its corporate offshoot Denel.

  • 1994

    Annex, 'Terms of Reference of the President of the Republic of South Africa to the Commission of Inquiry into the Alleged Arms Transactions Between Armscor and One Eli Wazan and Other Related Matters'

    Presidential directive setting out the terms of reference for the Cameron Commission to inquire about all of Armscor's recent arms deals.

  • January 10, 1994

    Interview with Myer 'Mike' Feldman by Avner Cohen

    Transcript of interview by Avner Cohen with senior Kennedy advisor Myer "Mike" Feldman. Myer Feldman, close aide to JFK and special liason to Israel, discusses the negotiations between the US and Israel regarding the Non-Proliferation treaty in this 1994 interview.

  • January 14, 1994

    German Federal Foreign Office, 'British Invitation to the Western Coordination Meeting on 14 January 1994 at the Canadian UN Mission and British Paper on Options and Modalities of NPT Extension'

    Copy of a UK paper summarizing NPT extension options and their implications.

  • January 20, 1994

    Phone Interview with Edwin Kintner by Avner Cohen and Marvin Miller

    Transcript of a phone interview with Edwin Kintner by Avner Cohen and Marvin Miller. Edwin Kintner (1920-2010) was a distinguished nuclear engineer and senior staff member of the US Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) through the 1960s and 70s who participated in at least two US inspection teams sent to the Dimona nuclear facility. Kintner recounts how thoroughly he and his partners searched the Dimona site for evidence of plutonium reprocessing activities and expresses shock upon learning that he and his team had been fooled all along.

  • January 24, 1994

    Letter of President L. Kravchuk to Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada I. Plyushch

    Ukrainian President Kravchuk describes the completion of a trilateral agreement with the United States and Russia regarding the dismantling of Ukraine's nuclear weapons.

  • March 08, 1994

    Letter, South African Ambassador R. F. Botha

  • April 15, 1994

    Telegram, US Defense Intelligence Agency, 'South Africa: Nuclear Program in Turmoil'

    With the liquidation of South Africa’s weapons program, “disgruntled” scientists under threat of lay-off “threatened to reveal closely guarded secrets … unless they receive severance pay.”

  • June 07, 1994

    Note, Greek Presidency of the Council on Working Group on Non-Proliferation of the European Union

    In 1994, the European Union decided for the first time to play a role in the NPT Review Conference, with a view towards the NPT Review and Extension Conference in 1995. This note stipulated that the EU should demonstrate consensus in support of extending the NPT and persuading non-members to join the treaty.

  • July 07, 1994

    Minutes of the Meeting of the Working Group on Non-Proliferation of the European Union

    In a meeting, the Working Group started to develop the wording of the Council Decision on the NPT Review and Extension Conference in 1995

  • July 19, 1994

    Council of the European Union, 'Joint Action Regarding Preparation for the 1995 Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons'

    The EU Working Group on Non-Proliferation developed the first draft what later became the Council Decision 94/509/CFSP. The draft identified three decisions: to convince states outside the Treaty to join it; to encourage participation in the remaining Preparatory Committee meetings;and to build consensus for indefinite extension. The proposal was a so-called “A” Item, meaning that the Foreign Ministers would not even discuss it; they only were to approve it.

  • July 25, 1994

    Decision, Council of the European Union, 'Concerning the Joint Action Adopted by the Council... Regarding Preparation for the 1995 Conference of the States Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons'

    The Council of the European Union votes to extend the NPT indefinitely.

  • July 27, 1994

    Letter, L. H. Evans Director General, to Mr. Tielman de Waal, Chief Executive of Armscor, Regarding Arms Sales

    The Director General Evans writes to the Chief Executive of Armscor recommending South Africa be more discreet when selling arms to other states.

  • August 05, 1994

    Cable, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, Forwarding Copy of Armscor Letter to Mission in Washington

    Copy of a letter to Washington that discusses reforms to make Armscor more centralized.

  • August 08, 1994

    Cable, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, US Restrictions on Armscor

    Report on status of Armscor trading with the United States, in the wake of pending trade restrictions, and with the United Kingdom.

  • August 23, 1994

    Cable from Brazilian Embassy in Washington to Foreign Ministry, 'Brazil-United States. Space cooperation. Visit of the President of the Brazilian Space Agency to Washington.'

    This cable reports the visit of Gylvan Meira Filho, President of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), to the Brazilian embassy in Washington. Meira Filho went to the US to meet with NASA’s officials to discuss the signature of a framework agreement between the two space agencies. The other objectives of the President of the AEB were to identify potential partners for Brazilian space activities and to signal the agency’s commitment with the MTCR’s norms.

  • September 15, 1994

    Preparatory Committee for the 1995 Conference of Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, 'European Union (EU): NPT Extension Options and Modalities'

    European Union document on legal aspects in connection with the NPT.

  • October, 1994

    Programme for Promoting Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PPNN) International Seminar on Issues at the 1995 NPT Conference, 'Preparations for the Conference' by Ben Sanders

    An overview of the administrative structure of the NPT review conference and the preparatory work leading up to it, as well as potential procedural problems which have not yet been solved.