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  • March 07, 1953

    Syrian Activities in Lebanon

  • March 11, 1953

    Memorandum of Discussion at the 136th Meeting of the National Security Council

    The US National Security Council discusses the effect that Stalin’s death had on Soviet policy and on Communist Parties outside of the USSR, as well as the opportunity it provided the US to use Stalin’s death in a psychological strategy to influence the Soviets. The Council also discusses the possibility of negotiations for a settlement with the Soviets in Korea.

  • March 14, 1953

    From the Diary of V. M. Molotov, 'Reception of an Iranian Government Delegation, 14 March 1953'

    Memorandum of conversation between Soviet and Iranian delegations, on the occasion of Stalin's death. The Iranian delegates express their condolences for the Soviet loss.

  • March 15, 1953

    Commercial Receipts

    Invoices for goods sent to Jeddah.

  • March 15, 1953

    Letter from Abdullah al Mubarak al Sabbah

  • March 18, 1953

    Draft Instructions for General Vasilii Chuikov and Vladimir Semyonov regarding GDR Control of Borders

    Draft instructions of the Soviet leadership to its representatives in East Germany, advising that the SED requests for East German control of the border with West Germany are "unacceptable and grossly simplistic."

  • March 19, 1953

    Resolution, USSR Council of Ministers with draft letters from Soviet Government to Mao Zedong and Kim Il Sung and directive to Soviet delegation at United Nations

    A resolution of the USSR Council of Ministers which states the coordination that will need to take place between the Soviets and Chinese at the UN regarding the question of POW's. It then suggests that this should be used as a lead-in to introduce resolutions on the resolution of the Korean conflict. Corresponding letters, directed to Mao and Kim Il Sung, and the Soviet delegation to the UN are attached.

  • March 20, 1953

    Record of Conversation of General Consul of the USSR in Cluj L. P. Akulov with First Secretary of the Regional Party Committee of the Romanian Workers Party of the Magyar Autonomous Region L. Chupor

    Akulov and Chupor discuss inter-ethnic tensions in the Magyar Autonomous Region, the attitude toward the Catholic Church, and anti-Soviet activities following the death of Stalin.

  • March 21, 1953

    Letter to the CC of the CP of Azerbaijan M.D. Bagirov from Deputy Chief of the General Department CC CPSU Khodov

    Khodov requests the return of two letters from the Iranian People’s Party Central Committee.

  • March 22, 1953

    Melhem Karam's Student Activities

    Short report on a Lebanese student's involvement in a communist student union.

  • March 25, 1953

    The Unveiling of an Israeli Spy Network

  • March 29, 1953

    Telegram Reporting on a Meeting with Kim Il Sung

    Kuznetsov, Razuvaev and Fedorenko report that they met with Kim Il Sung and gave him a communication from Moscow suggesting that the naming of Gen. Nam Il as foreign minister be postponed for the time being.

  • March 29, 1953

    Telegram from Kuznetsov and Fedorenko in Pyongyang

    Kuznetsov and Fedorenko report back to Moscow their meeting with Kim Il Sung regarding North Korean preparations for negotiations with UN forces.

  • March 29, 1953

    Ciphered telegram from Kuznetsov and Fedorenko in Pyongyang

    Report that Kim Il Sung agrees that it is time to bring the war to an end, if not through military means than through negotiations.

  • March 31, 1953

    Polish Proposal for Bloc-wide Coordination of Radio Jamming

    This unsourced document prepared in March 1953 in only three copies, one of which went to Politburo member Jakob Berman, suggested the need for multilateral Soviet bloc coordination of jamming efforts.

  • April 01, 1953

    Explanatory Note from Glukhov to the Ministry of Public Security of the DPRK

    Soviet Union’s role in fabrication of evidence blaming the US for using biological weapons in North Korea.

  • April 01, 1953

    The Dispute between Chamoun [Shamūn] and Jumblat [Junblāṭ]

    Jumblatt intends to foment a mass movement against Chamoun, and prospects for reconciliation are dim. Chehab describes the onset and advancements of this rift.

  • April 13, 1953

    Explanatory Note from Glukhov to L.P. Beria

    Explanation of the North Korean attempts to falsify evidence of US Biological weapon use.

  • April 14, 1953

    Explanatory Note from Lieutenant Selivanov to L.P. Beria

    Selivanov, student at the S.M. Kirov Military-Medical Academy and former adviser to the Military-Medical Department of the KPA, describes how he falsified an outbreak and blamed it on American bacteriological weapons.

  • April 17, 1953

    Information about a Currency Counterfeit Operation