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Preliminary Plan for Operational Invigilation against Rada Polonii Amerykańskiej

This is a counterintelligence report from 1948 (exact date not indicated) on operational actions taken against Rada Polonii Amerykańskiej (American Relief for Poland, or the ARP) in connection with the distribution of CARE packages in Poland. Although the Communists ruling Poland initially warmly welcomed support from foreign aid organizations, this changed in the late 1940s as Moscow placed trusted Communist leaders in power who were under pressure to reject contact with the West. The activities of CARE and other similar organizations began to be seen as unwanted foreign agents. CARE was treated with indifference, impatience, and finally, unconcealed hostility 

May 6, 1966

Memorandum on Talks of Com[rade] Z. Kliszko with a Delegation of the Communist Party of Brazil on May 6, 1966

Delegations of the PUWP and the BCP discuss politics in Brazil and the organization of the Brazilian Communist Party.

April 8, 1966

Meeting with the Delegation of the Communist Party of Brazil

Delegations of the PUWP and the BCP discuss politics in Brazil and the organization of the Brazilian Communist Party.

August 11, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on a Meeting between Naszkowski and Valente]

A summary of a meeting between Polish Minister Naszkowski and Brazilian Ambassador Valente.

August 16, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on the Arrest of a Brazilian Citizen]

Krajewski reports that a Brazilian citizen was arrested at the Warsaw Airport for suspected smuggling.

October 31, 1962

Coded Message No. 16065 from Rio de Janeiro

An update on the "enormous struggle" to execute a sale of Polish helicopters to Brazil.

November 7, 1962

Coded Message No. 16329 from Rio de Janeiro

A confidant of President Goulart claims that Brazil wishes to buy 100 helicopters from Poland immediately.

September 15, 1962

Coded Message No. 13680 from Rio de Janeiro

Zabłocki writes that the Brazilian military is interested in purchasing helicopters and aircraft from Poland and that it wants to send crew to Poland for training.

Date unknown

Forms, Methods, and Organization of Intelligence Work from Illegal Positions

In this undated document likely from the early 1970s, the Polish Ministry of Interior offers explanations on how illegal intelligence operatives operate: what covers they use and how they can be more fully integrated into Poland’s intelligence process. The audience for the document appears to have other Polish intelligence professionals who already understood “legal” intelligence but were unfamiliar with illegals.

April 1, 1989

Letter, Brig. Gen. Zenon Trzciński to Comrade Col. Czesław Żmuda

A delegation from Poland's Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to travel North Korea in order to participate in the Seventeenth International Forensic Symposium in Pyongyang