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March 7, 1968

Record of Conversation between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu on 7 March 1968

A record of a conversation in which Brezhnev and Ceausescu discuss weather or not to say that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will only be signed once the United States ends its actions in Vietnam. Brezhnev advises not to raise the issue, while Ceausescu claims that it must be stated in order to advance a solution towards disarmament.

March 6, 1968

Record of Conversation between L.I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu on 6 March 1968

Brezhnev starts the conversation by asking if Ceausescu is in agreement about supporting the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.  Ceausescu responds by saying that the draft could still improve by including a guarantee that countries without nuclear weapons will not be attacked by nuclear states and clarifying controls over nuclear weapon production.

March 17, 1967

Record of Conversations between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu, 17 March 1967

Brezhnev and Ceausescu begin by extending warm welcomes to one another before diving into the importance of finalizing a draft of a nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Most of the discussion is spent arguing over the relevance of disarmament within the treaty.

March 18, 1967

Record of Conversations between L. I. Brezhnev and N. Ceausescu, 18 March 1967

Brezhnev and Ceausescu discuss draft versions of a nuclear nonproliferation treaty, arguing about the language used in the deal. They also discuss the creation of an intergovernmental conference of European countries and agree that they should meet more often in the future.

February 26, 1971

From the Journal of M.G. Podol’sky, 'Record of a Conversation with R. Berthold, Counsellor of the GDR Embassy in Hanoi, 18 February 1971'

A Soviet official in Vietnam recounts a meeting with an East German diplomat. The two sides discussed the nuclear threats from the United States in the Vietnam War, as well as relations with China.

May 1990

Antinuclear Movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk" Social Organization "Peace Migration into into the XXIst Century"

This pamphlet, written in both English and Russian, describes the Nevada-Semipalatinsk Movement's proposed ethnic and cultural initiative "Peace Migration into the XXIst Century." With the objective to close all nuclear test sites and obtain a moratorium on nuclear tests, the initiative will peacefully migrate from Semipalatinsk, USSR to Nevada, USA, stopping along the way at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Included is a map of the proposed journey.

May 27, 1990

Concert Program for the Participants of the International Citizens Congress for a Nuclear Test Ban

The program for a concert put on for the participants of the International Citizens Congress for a Nuclear Test Ban. The concert selection includes Mozart, traditional Kazakh folksongs, poems by famous Kazakh poets, and Hungarian dances.

May 26, 1962

V. Ivanov and S.P. Ivanov, 'List of the Generals and Admirals involved in Work on Operation "Anadyr"'

A list of all generals, admirals, and staff from the Armed Forces and Central Directories of the Ministry of Defense involved in operation “Anadyr’”.

September 27, 1962

Report from Marshal of the Soviet Union M. Zakharov to Comrade R. Ya. Malinovsky on Combat Supplies and Ammunition for Operation 'Anadyr'

A report detailing the type and amount of combat supplies and ammunition sent with troops on operation “Anadyr’”.

September 29, 1962

General-Colonel S.P. Ivanov, 'List of Generals and Officers Assigned to Pavlov's Group'

A list of generals and officers assigned to "Pavlov's" group. Pavlov, often used by Soviet officials as a pseudonym, most likely refers to Issa Pliyev, the commander of Soviet troops in Cuba.