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October 21, 1991

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with President Patricio Aylwin, Santiago de Chile, 21 October 1991, 09:30 – 11:00 hours

Kohl and Aylwin discuss Honecker's release from the Chilean embassy in Moscow. Kohl recollects his personal meetings with Honecker, in particular the latter's 1987 visit in Bonn. Moreover, Kohl reflects on his inner-German trade policy and its impact for the GDR's demise, especially the billion DM loan for the GDR in 1983.

December 17, 1973

Telegram from J.S. Teja, Joint Secretary AMS, 'Self-contained note on the Government of India’s attitude to the developments in Chile'

Report on the death of President Allende by the Chilean Armed Forces

October 3, 1973

Press Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, 'Text of Swaran Singh’s Statement at UN Assembly'

Statement by Indian Government on President Allende's death.

October 4, 1973

Telegram from R.S. Kalka, First Secretary, Embassy of India in China

China’s reaction to the coup in Chile

September 23, 1973

Telegram from the Indian Embassy in Santiago

Foreign refugees in Chile are causing concern with the military government.

September 17, 1973

Telegram from S.K. Singh, Joint Secretary, on Chile

The Prime Minister and Foreign Minister's comments on the coup in Chile.

September 15, 1973

Note on Military Coup in Chile by S.K. Arora, Deputy Secretary, Americas

Speculates about the CIA's potential role in the coup in Chile.

November 1973

Telegram from the Foreign Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs to the Indian Embassy in Santiago

Response to the overthrow of President Allende by the military junta.

November 28, 1973

Telegram from G.L. Malik, Indian Ambassador to Chile

Malik reflects on whether President Allende died by suicide or was murdered.