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May 30, 1989

Telegram No. 048 517 from the Czechoslovak Embassy, Beijing

Saul reports on the movements of demonstrators at Tiananmen Square as well as the latest statements by the CCP leadership.

February 6, 1965

Record of the First Contact between Premier Zhou and Vice Premier Chen Yi and Kosygin

Premier Zhou and others meet to discuss the current situations in South Vietnam and Laos, U.S. and Soviet strategy, and Chinese-Soviet competition over civil aviation, among other pressing issues.

February 10, 1965

Record of the Fifth Contact between Premier Zhou and Vice Premier Chen Yi and Kosygin (1)

Zhou and Kosygin discussed the conflicts in Vietnam. They discussed in details of providing logistic and political supports to North Vietnam.

May 17, 1989

Diary of Teimuraz Stepanov-Mamaladze, 17 May 1989

Teimuraz Stepanov-Mamaladze diary entry, describing negotiations between China and a USSR delegation. The negotiations cover border issues, Soviet assistance in improving relations between India and Nepal, and Afghanistan, among other issues. Following the negotiations, Mamaladze describes protesters, "two hundred thousand strong," and notes that the movement has grown beyond just students.

January 14, 1961

Record of the Conversation between Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and the Charge d'Affaires of the Embassy of the Soviet Union in China

Zhou Enlai and Nikolai Sudarikov review Soviet, Chinese, and Vietnamese aid to Laos.

January 22, 1960

Transcript of Vice Premier Chen Yi's Meeting with Soviet Ambassador S.V. Chervonenko

Chen Yi and Chervonenko discuss a US plot to forge an anti-communist united front in Laos, and offer advice on the road forward for the Laotion revolution.

August 3, 1958

Plan for Vice Premier Li Xiannian to Receive and Dine with the Korean Government Delegation

Arrangements and plans for a dinner and reception involving North Korea's Deputy Prime Minister Ri Ju-yeon.

October 22, 1962

Memorandum of Conversation between Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Hanfu and Soviet Ambassador Stepan Chervonenko

Stepan Chervonenko and Zhang Hanfu discuss the ongoing border dispute between India and China, and Chervonenko presents a Soviet memorandum outlining the USSR's stance toward the war.

June 3, 1959

Report of Conversation with the General Secretary of the CCP CC, Deng Xiaoping