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July 27, 1970

Message from Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin to President Nixon (Transmitted by Col. Kennedy to Kissinger) regarding Soviet military presence in UAR.

A message from Ambassador Dobrynin to President Nixon regarding the Soviet military presence in the Middle East.

March 10, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation, Ambassador Dobrynin and Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

Kissinger and Dobrynin discuss the upcoming SALT talks, the situation in the Middle East, and Vietnam.

June 9, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation between Secretary of State Rogers and Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin

A recap of a meeting in which Secretary Rogers and Ambassador Dobrynin discuss proposed formulations to negotiate a peace in the Middle East, and the Soviet Union's involvement in the UAR.

March 1968

Telegram, 'To the Soviet Representative'

Sent to the Soviet representative to the General Assembly of the United Nations, this document lists the nations to which the representative must pay the most attention at the UN meeting. The document also underlines how the Soviet representative should speak with members of the American delegation in reference to any diplomatic collaboration on the NPT.

November 13, 1986

Politburo on Afghanistan

The Politburo discuss the need for Soviet troops to withdraw from Afghanistan, the best way to do that, and set up a time table to withdraw troops.

November 7, 1960

S. Kudryavtsev to A.F. Dobrynin, 'Record of Conversation with Raúl Roa, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 14 September 1960'

Kudryavtsev describes a meeting with Raul Roa where they discussed Khrushchev and Fidel Castro's meeting in New York City.

October 31, 1988

Anatoly Chernyaev, Notes from a Meeting of the Politburo

Gorbachev et al prepare for their upcoming UN visit, and discuss presenting their reformed policies, arms reductions, the implementation of perestroika, withdrawal of troops from Hungary, and overall Soviet-American relations.

February 26, 1977

From the Journal of  A. F. Dobrynin, Record of Conversation with US Secretary of State C. Vance

Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin met with US Secretary of State Vance and requested that he pass on a letter to President Carter from Brezhnev. The letter addressed finding a realistic approach to nuclear disarmament and the previous agreement in Vladivostok.

September 18, 1974

Memorandum to the Secretary of State from Lord and Ikle, 'Consultations with the Soviets on Non-Proliferation Strategy'

This memo consists of an analysis of an approach to the Soviets regarding multilateral nuclear safe guards, along with talking points which include greater supplier coordination and a suppliers' conference.

December 4, 1963

US State Department Translation, Cipher Telegram Special no. 2086-2088 from Dobrynin

Cipher telegram to the Central Committee from Russian Ambassador Dobrynin detailing a meeting he had US ambassador Llewellyn Thompson. The telegram contains a copy of a letter Jacqueline Kennedy wrote to Nikita Khrushchev expressing her gratitude for the Krushcev's kindness throughout John's life.