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January 25, 1960

N.S. Khrushchev’s Note on a Memorandum to Japan

Khrushchev offers further corrections for a memorandum to Japan. 

January 12, 1958

Letter, Dwight D. Eisenhower to Nikolai Bulganin

August 29, 1956

Letter, M. Preston Goodfellow to Syngman Rhee

M. Preston Goodfellow writes that he would like to add Korea to his itinerary during an overseas trip. He also lists the seven nations that have agreements with the United States for power reactors.

July 27, 1953

President Eisenhower to the President of the Republic of Korea (Rhee)

Eisenhower informs Rhee that US Secretary of State John Foster Dulles will be visiting Korea shortly.

February 10, 1957

Letter by Max Kohnstamm to Jean Monnet on the Committee of the Three Wise Men

This letter to Jean Monnet details the success of recent meetings between President Eisenhower, the Atomic Energy Commission, and other parties.

October 30, 1957

Letter No. 96 from the President (Syngman Rhee) to Minister Duk Shin Choi

President Rhee expresses concern about South Korea's admission to the Colombo Plan and America's passive stance on Red China.

June 19, 1953

National Security Council Report, NSC 158, 'United States Objectives and Actions to Exploit the Unrest in the Satellite States'

Recommendations adopted by the National Security Council at the suggestion of the Psychological Strategy Board on covert actions to be undertaken in the Soviet Satellite States. Authorized by the National Security Council, NSC 158 envisaged aggressive psychological warfare to exploit and heighten the unrest behind the Iron Curtain. The policy was endorsed by President Eisenhower on June 26, 1953.

January 20, 1953

Eisenhower's Inaugural Address

Eisenhower's presidential inaugural address after his election in 1952.

May 4, 1960

South Africa Department of Foreign Affairs, 'Proposed Application to United States for Assistance in Meeting Costs of Research Reactor in Western Province'

Discusses how South Africa should go about applying to the United States for financial assistance for the building of a research reactor in the Western Province, under President Eisenhower's 'Atoms for Peace' program.

November 19, 1956

Draft Review of Radio Free Europe Hungarian Broadcasts

Draft version of a CIA memorandum prepared for the White House on RFE broadcasts during the Hungarian Revolution.