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January 25, 1979

Cable from the GDR Embassy in Pyongyang, 'DPRK Proposals on Korea's Unification'

The DPRK addresses Korea's unification issue, asking for a declaration from both Koreas to end to political slandering and military hostilities.

June 10, 1969

Note on a Conversation between USSR Ambassador Comrade Sudarikov and Ambassador Henke on 2 June 1969 in the GDR Embassy

A note on a conversation about the Soviet President Podgorny's visit to North Korea and Soviet Union-North Korea relations. It includes the Korean Worker's Party's decision not to send a delegation to the world conference of the communist and workers’ parties in Moscow.

February 1, 1973

Note on a Conversation with USSR Embassy Counselor Comrade Denisov on 22 January 1973 in the USSR Embassy

A assessment of improved political and economic relations between China and North Korea, as well as the economic relations between North Korea and France, Chile, and Japan.

February 1, 1973

Theses On the Present State of Relations between DPRK and PRC

A report on Chinese foreign policy toward North Korea and Beijing's efforts to push North Korea toward an anti-Soviet line.

March 3, 1968

On Current Relations between the DPRK and the PRC

The GDR Embassy in North Korea says that relations between Beijing and Pyongyang have improved following the Blue House Raid and USS Pueblo incident.

December 1, 1972

Note on Information by DPRK Deputy Foreign Minister Comrade Ri Man-seok on 28 November 1972 for the Ambassadors and Acting Ambassadors of Poland, Czechoslovakia and the GDR between 1200 and 1330 hours in the Foreign Ministry

Ri Man-seok provides a brief on the fourth session of Red Cross negotiations held in Seoul and the domestic political situation of South Korea under the Park Chung Hee regime.

May 6, 1976

Report from the GDR Embassy in the DPRK, 'Note about a Conversation with the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Comrade Le Quang Khai, on 5 May 1976'

A report from Ambassador Everhartz on the discussion with the Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam about the relationship between the DPRK and China.

November 4, 1974

Conversation with Comrade Pimenov, Counselor at USSR Embassy, on 29 October 1974

Summary of the meeting addressing the invitation extended by the Soviet Union to Kim Il Sung and the relationship between the DPRK and South Korea.

May 12, 1975

Note concerning a Conversation between Ambassador Everhartz with the Head of Department II in the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Comrade Choe Sang-muk, about the Visit by Comrade Kim Il Sung to the PR China

Choe Sang-muk informs Everhartz about Kim Il Sung’s recent visit to the PRC, in which Kim discussed the situation in Cambodia and South Vietnam and the unification of the Korean peninsula.

July 4, 1977

GDR Ambassador Pyongyang to Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Berlin

Excerpt from East German ambassador's message about the declining display of slogans and portraits of Kim Jong Il in North Korea.