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November 25, 1964

Notes from a Meeting between a Delegation of the KWP and Enver Hoxha and Mehmet Shehu

The Albanian leaders laud the cultural achievements of North Korea and Pyongyang's struggle against revisionism and comment on the production of chemical fertilizers.

February 10, 1961

Record Sheet of a Meeting held between Enver Hoxha and Pak Geum-cheol

Enver Hoxha and Pak Geum-cheol emphasize the solidarity and friendship between the people of North Korea and Albania.

June 20, 1966

Report on a Meeting between Enver Hoxha and DPRK Ambassador An Yong

Enver Hoxha meets with the North Korean Ambassador to Albania, An Yong, to discuss North Korea's foreign relations, Titoist and Khrushchevian revisionism, the communist movement, and bilateral relations.

September 7, 1966

Report on a Meeting between Enver Hoxha and DPRK Ambassador Baek Sunje

The transcript of the conversation notes North Korea's concerns about South Korea's increasing military size and the continued existence of the UN Commission for the Unification and Rehabilitation of Korea. Hoxha gives his support for the DPRK position.

June 6, 1959

Notes taken during a Meeting between Enver Hoxha and Choe Yong-geon

Enver Hoxha and Choe Yeonggeon discuss industry and socialist development in North Korea and Albania while disproving of revisionism.

February 25, 1961

Report on the Second Meeting with the CCP Delegation to the Fourth Congress of the Albanian Labor Party

The conversation between Chinese head of the delegation to Albania, Li Xiannian, and the ALP CC First Secretary Enver Hoxha on the visit of the Chinese delegation to the Albanian Congress, the difficulties in the Soviet-Albanian relations, and the military and economic needs in Albania.