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May 20, 1966

Transcript of Discussions Held On the Occasion of the Visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam of the Party and Government Delegation from the Socialist Republic of Romania

This document is the transcript of the four meetings and two restricted meetings that took place with the Romanian delegation to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

October 30, 1968

Report addressed by Minister of the Armed Forces of the Socialist Republic of Romania to Ion Gheorghe Maurer, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Socialist Republicof Romania

This report by Romanian Minister of Armed Forces Ion Ionita to the chairman of the Romanian Council of Ministers, Georghe Maurer, refers to the latter's participation in the Conference of the Warsaw Pact Defense Ministers. The conference resolved outstanding problems concerning draft statutes. The observations of the delegation of the Ministry of Armed Forces approved by the party and state leadership have all been included, with the exception of article 12, item A, regarding the stationing of troops of the United Armed Forces on territories of member countries, on which the Romanian party reserved the right to reflect.

June 3, 1968

Report on Meeting of Consultative Political Committee of the Warsaw Pact

The report details changes that had been made to the Unified Command structure over the last two years (since 1966) and the effects that they would have on Romania and its relationship with the Warsaw Pact.

March 1, 1970

Letter from General Ion Ionita to Nicolae Ceausescu

General Ionita is writing to Ceausescu to inform him of staff talks he had in Moscow in regards to upcoming Warsaw Pact maneuvers to be held in Romania.