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May 9, 1961

Transcript of the Meeting Between Premier Zhou Enlai and Soviet Ambassador Chervonenko

Zhou Enlai says that countries must band together to ensure the neutrality of Laos and isolate the United States. He also reviews the various political leaders and groups in Laos in the context of the Geneva conference on Laos.

August 29, 1985

Meeting of the Politburo of the CC CPSU, Regarding Yelena Bonner's Request to Travel and Andrei Sakharov's Situation

The Politburo discusses whether to permit Bonner to visit the United States to receive medical treatment and visit relatives, a decision complicated by concern about the potential risk of an embarrassing uproar if her request was denied barely two months before Gorbachev’s planned summit meeting in Geneva with Reagan.

May 31, 1983

Meeting Minutes of the Politburo of the CC CPSU, Regarding Western Plans for Deployment of New Nuclear Weapons in Europe

Politburo discussion, presided over by Andropov, on how to respond to the Western decision to deploy new nuclear weapons in Europe.

May 31, 1984

Minutes of Conversation: Todor Zhivkov – Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko, Moscow

August 28, 1980

Special Dossier on the Polish Crisis of 1980

Memorandum to the CPSU Politburo from the Suslov Commission regarding a request by the Soviet Ministry of Defense to bring up to full readiness 3 divisions of the Soviet Armed Forces. The memorandum cautions the Soviet leadership that, in case the Polish Armed Forces switch allegiance to the counter-revolutionary forces, another 5-7 divisions might be necessary.

April 16, 1981

Session of the CPSU CC Politburo, 16 April 1981 (excerpt)

Brezhnev tells of his conversation with Kania. He gives his opinion on how the Soviets should proceed with regard to Poland after a meeting of the Sejm. The Politburo agrees with Brezhnev's decision to inform the leaders of the Warsaw Pact of the developments in Poland.

December 26, 1979

Summary of a CC CPSU Meeting

A summary of CC CPSU officials regarding the recently approved Soviet troop deployment in Afghanistan.

April 23, 1981

CPSU CC Politburo Commission Report, 'On the Development of the Situation in Poland and Certain Steps on Our Part,' and CPSU CC-Approved Plan of'Measures to Assist the PZPR [Polish United Workers' Party]'

Special Dossier to the CPSU CC discussing the weakening of the PZPR and the rise of Solidarity as an organized political force. Describes the leadership of Kania and Jaruzelski in the party and prescribes a method of politically weakening Solidarity by exposing and exploiting its fragments, including the extremist KOS-KOS, and stepping up propaganda that stresses the impending invasion of Soviet troops to suppress the uprising.

March 18, 1979

Exerpt from Politburo Meeting on Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

CPSU CC Politburo Member Chernenko states that Soviet invervention in Afghanistan will lead to accussation of Soviet aggression

June 4, 1981

Transcript of CPSU CC Politburo Meeting (excerpt), 4 June 1981

The Politburo discusses the internal economic situation within the Soviet Union, the situation in Afghanistan (in particular the group "Parcham" and Karmal), relations with the US, and the treatment of Jews in the USSR.