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July 4, 1974

Letter by the Italian Ambassador in London, Raimondo Manzini, to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Aldo Moro

Italian Ambassador to London, Raimondo Manzini, writes to Foreign minister Moro in the aftermath of the 1974 Ottawa Declaration. He discusses the British interest in reviving the Special Relationship with the US and its effects on European politics, and suggests that through intensified dialogue and cooperation, an Anglo-Italian solidarity could function as a counterweight to the close Franco-German relations.

January 31, 1974

Letter by Permanent Representative to NATO Catalano di Melilli to Minister of Foreign Affairs Aldo Moro

Catalano di Melilli, Italy's permanent representative to NATO, writes to Foreign minister Aldo Moro about the existing confusion in the realm of international relations. He expresses concern over the process of European integration, and underlines the importance of maintaining good relations to the United States.

November 3, 1970

Letter from President Giuseppe Saragat to Aldo Moro

President Saragat discusses the dilemma between recognizing mainland China and respecting the sovereignty of Taiwan.

November 2, 1970

Letter from Aldo Moro to President Giuseppe Saragat

Moro discusses establishing diplomatic relations with the PRC in respect to the position of the United States.

December 5, 1969

Note on the Conversation between the Honourable Minister and the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sharp, at NATO in Brussels

Mitchell Sharp and Aldo Moro coordinate Canadian and Italian policies towards China and Taiwan.

October 1, 1969

Letter from Aldo Moro to Franco Mario Malfatti

Moro discusses the ongoing negotiations at the UN concerning the recognition of the People's Republic of China.

November 17, 1969

Aldo Moro’s Notes on Letter no. 61

Moro considers the different options in regards to establishing relations with the People's Republic of China and maintaining relations with Taiwan.

September 30, 1969

Letter no. 429 from Franco Maria Malfatti to Aldo Moro

Malfatti reports on his impression of the prospects of negotiations with the Chinese in regards to establishing diplomatic relations.

September 30, 1969

Letter no. 428 from Franco Maria Malfatti to Aldo Moro

Malfatti reports his observations of the Chinese ambassador, who displayed a strong position against the Soviet Union and Taiwan.

April 27, 1970

Minutes of Conversation between Todor Zhivkov and Aldo Moro, Sofia, 1970

Todor Zhivkov and the Italian Foreign Minister, Aldo Moro, discuss the political and trade relations between People’s Republic of Bulgaria and Italy. They both emphasize the need for securing a long-lasting peace on the continent.