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May 7, 1968

Memo to the CPSU CC: Regarding the Decision of the Communist Party of India (CPI) to Oppose Signing the NPT

This memo informs the Central Committee of the USSR of the Communist Party of India's decision to oppose signing the NPT due to perceived infringements on Indian sovereignty and a mistrust in the concept of security guarantees to India by the US. The recommended course of action is to forward comprehensive information to the CPI about the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons along the lines of a March 29 CPSU CC decree of that year in the hopes that the CPI's opinion on the NPT will change.

July 6, 1980

Iu. Andropov and B. Ponomarev, 'On a Request from the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the People's Party of Iran Comrade Kiyanuri'

Iu. Andropov and B. Ponomarev give their opinion on Tudeh Party First Secretary Kiyanuri’s request for weapons from the USSR.

April 1966

Concerning the Instructions to the Soviet Representatives at the 64th Session of the International Olympic Committee

Discussion of the upcoming vote for the location of the 1972 Olympic Games, including the possibility of Moscow bidding to host them.

April 25, 1963

Minutes of CC CPSU Presidium Meeting on Restricting Soviet Shortwave Receivers

A discussion among the top leadership of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the CPSU on the problem of limiting production shortwave radio sets that receive Western broadcasts. The argument is made that, if sets capable of receiving Western radio broadcasts are not produced, Soviet citizens will find ways of adapting non-shortwave radios to receive the broadcasts. The Soviet leaders seem to be under the misconception that the production of shortwave receivers in America was stopped so that Americans couldn’t receive information from the USSR and that the Soviets should do likewise.

October 11, 1956

I. Tugarinov to Cde. B.N. Ponomarev, ‘Concentering the Situation on Taiwan (Memorandum)’

April 1975

Report on the Result of the Visit to the USSR by Saddam Hussein

The Soviet meeting with Saddam Hussein resulted in affirmation of Soviet-Iraqi cooperation, arrangements to improve Soviet-Iraqi relations, evaluation of Iraqi-Iranian relations, discussion of Kurdish autonomy within Iraq, and emphasis to strengthen relations with other Arab countries.

March 14, 1974

Report on the Visit of Saddam Hussein to Moscow

In a meeting initiated by Saddam Hussein with Leonid Brezhnev, Alexei Kosygin, Andrei Gromyko, and Boris Ponomarev, the Iraqi leader discussed relations with the Soviet state, United States involvement in the Middle East, border conflict, and the development of the Iraqi economy.

March 11, 1985

Minutes of a CC CPSU Politburo Session Nominating Gorbachev for General Secretary

CC CPSU Politburo Session nominating Gorbachev for General Secretary after the death of Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko. Many members of the politburo spoke in favor of Gorbachev for General Secretary. They make a unanimous recommendation to the Plenum of CC CPSU.

September 26, 1956

Telegram from Ponomarev to the CPSU Central Committee

Peng Dehuai informs the Soviet delegation that the DPRK has not published the results of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee Pllenum as promised. Peng suggests that if the DPRK fails to publish the resolutions, another joint delegation should be sent to Pyongyang.

March 26, 1955

Letter to the CPSU Central Committee, Request to Give Hekmat Assistance in Finding Work

The letter is a request from Iranian political émigré Hekmat to the CPSU CC to give him assistance in finding work in [his] field. Also includes a recommendation for Hemkat.