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March 14, 1953

Ciphered Telegram from Razuvaev to Kim Il Sung and Peng Dehuai

Telegram from Razuvaev discussing POWs and what precedents established at the Geneva Conference must be met. Razuvaev also asks whether their side is ready for immediate repatriation of seriously ill and seriously wounded prisoners of UN troops.

March 22, 1952

Ciphered Telegram from Kim Il Sung to Razuvaev

Telegram asking for agreement/confirmation from the USSR government in order to award a number of Soviet military advisors (list included) for their military assistance.

March 7, 1952

CPSU Politburo Decision on Razuvaev's Telegram #188-190

Razuvaev's suggestion to publish an interview with Kim Il Sung is unacceptable.

October 17, 1951

Ciphered Telegram from Razuvaev to Vasilevsky

Razuvaev reports the DPRK's request of the Soviet Union to produce weapons for three divisions, produce 1000 cars, and to produce TU-2 aircrafts.


Telegram from Gromyko to Stalin with a Resolution and Approved Telegram to Razuvaev

Gromyko goes over the rules established in the Geneva Conference.

September 10, 1951

V. Razuvayev, 'Political Attitudes and Korean-Chinese Relations in Connection with the Armistice Talks'

Report on "Political Attitudes and Korean-Chinese Relations in Connection with the Armistice Talks"

March 29, 1953

Telegram Reporting on a Meeting with Kim Il Sung

Kuznetsov, Razuvaev and Fedorenko report that they met with Kim Il Sung and gave him a communication from Moscow suggesting that the naming of Gen. Nam Il as foreign minister be postponed for the time being.

March 5, 1952

Memorandum from Gromyko to Stalin

Message from Gromyko (MID) to Stalin advising against the proposal of Amb. Razuvaev to publish an interview of Kim Il Sung on the grounds that it is inflammatory and rash.

September 27, 1950

Telegram from Feng Xi (Stalin) to Matveyev (Razuvayev V.N.) and T.F. Shtykov

Stalin blames the recent success of the UN forces in Seoul on the inefficiency of the KPA’s Frontline Command and Soviet military advisors, as well erroneous use of tank tactics and overall combat strategy. Stalin provides a detailed list instructing military advisors, and especially Vasilyev, how to delpoy and manage Korean troops around Seoul.

September 27, 1950

Telegram from Matveyev (Razuvayev V.N.) to Stalin

Matveyev describes the state of the Korean People’s Army, particularly the severe status of troops in Seoul and Busan after having encountered American air and ground forces. Matveyev also reports on a meeting between several Soviet and Korean foreign ministers in which Kim Il Sung assumed the tasks of both Supreme Commander-in-Chief and Defense Minister and ordered the deployment of troops northward. Matveyev also outlines the steps he plans to take as a Soviet envoy in aiding the desperate Korean army.