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April 20, 1967

US Embassy Bonn Telegram 12582 to State Department, 'NPT—Duration,' partly garbled transmission

A message from the Bonn embassy highlighted an issue that had been raised by West German diplomats and which Ambassador McGhee correctly believed represented thinking at the top: Chancellor Kiesinger’s objection to an NPT “of unlimited duration.”

October 22, 1976

Cable No. 17944, US Embassy Bonn to the Secretary of State, 'Expulsions of North Korean Diplomats from Scandinavian Countries'

An official at the American Embassy in Bonn discusses the North Korean smuggling scandals in Scandinavia, suggests possible connections between the scandals and North Korean Embassies elsewhere in Europe, and confirms the absence of North Korean smuggling in the Federal Republic of Germany.

November 22, 1985

Embassy Bonn Telegram 35237 to Department of State, 'Export of Uranium Enrichment to Pakistan'

In response to the State Department's request, the Foreign Office found that the equipment had not been delivered and German firms had been informed that an export license needed to be granted.

September 19, 1985

Department of State Telegram 287763 to Embassy Bonn, 'Export of Uranium Enrichment equipment to Pakistan'

As these telegrams demonstrate, by the fall of 1986, if not earlier, the U.S. government believed that a Pakistani firm, Multinational Inc., was a “procurement agent” for A.Q. Khan’s secret network. In this case, Pakistani agents operating in West Germany were trying to secure aluminum tubes that could be used for the Khan Laboratory’s gas centrifuge program.

December 20, 1956

Telegram No. 2416 from Bonn to the Secretary of State

The Bonn Embassy conveys to Washington the results of the German review of tapes of RFE broadcasts to Hungry from October 23 to November 10.

November 8, 1978

'US Demarche on Pakistani Reprocessing Plant,' US Embassy West Germany cable 20685 to State Department

West German response to U.S. demarche on Pakistani nuclear development, agreeing to cooperate and expressing surprise that Pakistan was attempting to complete the reprocessing plant.