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February 7, 1955

Memorandum for Mr. Allen Dulles, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

The Department of State shares with the CIA several documents, including a record of conversation between Anthony Eden and a Soviet diplomat in London on February 2, 1955; a record of conversation between Ambassador Hayter and Molotov on February 4; a translation of Molotov's statement made to Hayter; and comments made by Humphrey Trevelyan. 

December 6, 1946

Report from General-Colonel T. Shtykov to Cde. I.V. Stalin and Cde. V.M. Molotov

Shytkov concludes that the Soviet delegation cannot back down from its demands for the parties in Korea to support the Moscow decision. A reversal of this position, Shtykov writes, would lead to the domination of US-backed, right-wing parties to take control over the Provisional Government of Korea.

September 4, 1947

Letter, V.M. Molotov to George C. Marshall

Molotov blames the Americans for the failure of the US-Soviet Joint Commission on Korea and rejects the latest proposals put forth by Robert A. Lovett.

September 23, 1944

Stalin, Harriman and Kerr Discuss a Future Meeting

Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr discuss the possibility of a future "big three" meeting with Stalin.

September 1, 1944

George Kennan's Assessment of Soviet Political Figures

Kennan assess Soviet officials. He focuses on Stalin to create a profile from his history and experiences.

August 9, 1944

Stalin and Bierut Meet

Stalin, Bierut, and Molotov dicuss Polish-Soviet relations.

June 26, 1944

Stalin and Harriman Exchange Military Information

Harriman and Stalin discuss their own armies and how to deal with the German Army after the war.

June 26, 1944

Stalin, Harriman and Johnston Discuss Industry and Soviet-American Relations

Ambassador Harriman, Eric Johnston, and Marshal Stalin have a conversation about industry and U.S.- Soviet relations.

November 1, 1949

Note, V. Grigor’yan to Cde. Stalin

Grigor'yan attaches a draft reply to the telegram of Mao Zedong on the question of the Workers' Party of Korea.

November 1, 1949

Note concerning the Reply to Mao Zedong on the Question of Korea

Grigor'yan concerning the reply to Mao Zedong on the question of Korea.