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July 30, 1955

Cable from Dong Yueqian to Zhang Wentian

Dong Yueqian instructs Zhang Wentian to form a "special supervisory group" for the Sino-American ambassadorial talks.

April 15, 1961

Cable from Wang Bingnan, 'The Situation of the Talk with Ochab'

Edward Ochab insists that Poland "is friendly toward China."

May 31, 1962

Summary of Ambassador Wang Binnan’s Report to the Department Party Committee

Wang Bingnan reports extensively on social, political, religious, and economic conditions within Poland, as well as Poland's foreign relalations with the US, the Soviet Union, and China.

April 1, 1964

Record of Conversation between Former Ambassador to Poland Wang Bingnan and Władysław Gomułka

Wang Bingnan and Władysław Gomułka discuss the Sino-Soviet split.

January 24, 1966

Reception by Soviet Vice Foreign Minister V. V. Kuznetsov for the General Director of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Cde. Jerzy Michalowski

Polish official, Jerzy Michalowski, discusses the Vietnamese situation after meeting with several high ranking officials there. He asserts that the Vietnamese misguided in their belief that the US is not willing to fight a broadened war. He also notes that, although Vietnamese allies recognize this, they discourage Vietnam from opening negotiations.

January 11, 1957

Notes from the Completed Discussions of 11 and 12 January 1957 between the Delegates of the Chinese People’s Republic and Poland (Excerpts)

Gomulka describes the 1956 Polish protests and his confrontation with Soviet authorities.

July 31, 1955

Cable from the Foreign Ministry to Comrade Wang Bingnan, 'On the Text of Speech, Instructions, and Points of Attention at the Sino-American Talks'

Several instructions from the PRC Foreign Ministry on how to handle the negotiations as well as two attachments regarding the text of speech for the first meeting of the Sino-American talks and the issue of news release during the talks

July 17, 1955

Cable from Pu Shouchang to Qiao Quanhua, 'The Premier's Specific Instructions'

Zhou Enlai's instructions regarding the Sino-US talks

May 30, 1954

Minutes, Director of the Staff Office of the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Bingnan’s Meeting with President of the International Federation on Human Rights Joseph Paul-Boncour

Wang reports on his discussion with Paul-Boncour and Chauvel. Paul-Boncour makes suggestions on the upcoming secret meeting between Bidault and Zhou. Also, Wang and Chauvel discuss issues at the conference such as the cease-fire and supervisory committee in Indochina.

June 5, 1954

Minutes, Wang Bingnan’s Meeting with Jean Chauvel and Counselor to the French Delegation, Colonel Jacques Guillermaz

Wang and Chauvel discuss the armistice in Indochina. Wang presents China's ideas on the three part supervisory committee for the armistice. Chauvel suggests India, Burma, and Pakistan as examples of possible neutral nations to participate in the NNSC, and Wang supports the Soviet delegation's suggestions.