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April 14, 1976

Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, SECRET, Regular, No. 083.895

The Embassy of Romania in Washington, D.C., conveys the remarks of Robert Martens, Head of Regional Affairs within the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs from the Department of State, on developments in Korea.

October 11, 1975

Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, No. 075119

Romanian diplomats report that Washington considers the situation in Korea to be very dangerous, that a withdrawal of U.S. ground forces from Korea could prompt South Korea to develop nuclear weapons, and that the Algerian-sponsored resolution in support of North Korea at the United Nations General Assembly is unacceptable.

July 24, 1975

Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, No. 074.783

Buffum and Bogdan discuss the US concern regarding the upcoming coming UN general assembly meeting, in which the issue of dismantling the UN headquarters in Korea remains on the agenda, as Buffum hopes to accompany the dismantlement with assurances protecting the armistice, but is worried about North Korea's unpredictable behavior.

May 8, 1974

Telegram from Washington to Bucharest, SECRET, No. 78.028

The Romanian representative in Washington note the delivery of the North Korean message to the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs. The telegram notes that the US State Department does not wish this kind of communication between Pyongyang and Washington to be permanent.

June 26, 1973

Telegram from Washington, DC, No.084.605, Urgent, SECRET

Romanian officials in Washington report that they submitted the letter from the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly, intended for the US congress, to the US State Department. The US official in contact with the Romanians described North Korea's attitudes towards the joint accession of the two Koreas to the UN as unrealistic.

June 7, 1973

Telegram from Washington, DC, No.084.504, Urgent, SECRET

Romanian official in the US warns Bucharest that relaying the letter from the DPRK to US public officials in the manner requested by Pyongyang may damage Romanian relations with the US. The official recommends a more normal procedure recommended to him by US officials and suggests convincing the North Koreans to follow a different method of sending its message to US congress.