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March 28, 1961

Telegram from the Hungarian Embassy in Pyongyang, 'Convocation of the Korean Workers’ Party’s 4th Congress'

A report on the convocation of the Korean Worker's Party's 4th Congress and a statement made by Park Jeong-guk, the leader of the Central Committee Foreign Division.

March 4, 1968

GDR Embassy Letter to State Secretary Hegen

A wide-ranging report written by the East German Ambassador on the USS Pueblo Incident, inter-Korean relations, North Korean military and defense policies, the juche ideology, economic development in the DPRK, and North Korea's foreign relations.

March 11, 1976

Telegram from Pyongyang to Bucharest, SECRET, Urgent, No. 067.051

The Embassy of Romania in Pyongyang conveys the remarjs of Pak Jung-guk, North Korean Ambassador to Bucharest, on the situation in South Korea.

February 23, 1968

Telegram from Pyongyang to Bucharest, TOP SECRET, No. 76.049, Flash

The Embassy of Romania in the DPRK reports on General Pak Jeong-guk and his negotiations with the United States over the release of the USS Pueblo crew.

January 29, 1968

Telegram from Pyongyang to Bucharest, TOP SECRET, No. 76.027, Urgent

The Embassy of Romania in the DPRK summarizes a recent meeting held with M. Golub, the Ambassador of Czechoslovakia to Pyongyang, and discusses U.S.-North Korean negotiations and the Soviet response to the USS Pueblo crisis.

March 29, 1962

Note about a Conversation between Comrade Stark and Comrade Torbenkov, Counselor at the USSR Embassy in the DPRK

Stark and Torbenkow discussed North Korean plans for reunification with South Korea. They considered the Korean Department of Foreign Affairs arguement for a confederation with the South to be dangerous. The Korean press supported this plan.

May 3, 1962

Information on the Reunification Policy of the Korean Workers' Party

A memorandum prepared by the First Extra-European Department of the East German Foreign Ministry on revisions within North Korea's reunification policies.

January 29, 1968

Memorandum of a Conversation with the Ambassadors of the CSSR, Comrade Holub, and of the People’s Republic of Poland, Comrade Naperei

Upon reviewing the Pueblo incident, both ambassadors conclude that the U.S. violated the Armistice Treaty. Instead of using force to retain their ship and men, the U.S. should issue an apology to the DPRK or else the Koreans will fight back.