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September 13, 1989

Letter, John Foster Leich to George Kennan

After a brief meeting at the Council of Foreign Relations, Leich asks Kennan for notes on an article he is writing about the origins of the Free Europe Committee.

September 19, 1989

Letter from George Kennan to John Foster Leich

Kennan asks Leich to add an appraisal of the efforts of the Free Europe Commission at the end of Leich's article on the Commission.

September 1, 1944

George Kennan's Assessment of Soviet Political Figures

Kennan assess Soviet officials. He focuses on Stalin to create a profile from his history and experiences.

April 30, 1948

George F. Kennan, 'The Inauguration of Organized Political Warfare'

State Department Policy Planning Director George Kennan outlines, in a document for the National Security Council, the idea of a public committee, working closely with the US government, to sponsor various émigré activities.

July 20, 1949

Memorandum from Philip C. Jessup, 'Chiang-Quirino Proposal for a Pacific Union'

Philip Jessup writes to Walton Butterworth regarding the meeting between Chiang Kai-shek and Elpidio Quirino, as well as an idea by George Kennan to establish a regional university in Asia.

August 8, 1945

Memorandum of Conversation between W. A. Harriman and Stalin

American ambassador W.A. Harriman and Joseph Stalin discuss the right of use for Russian built railroads in Chinese Manchuria, as well as the status of the ports of Darien and Port Arthur.

July 17, 1961

Memorandum of Conversation between Jozip Broz Tito and George F. Kennan

Kennan reports on a conversation with Tito where they discussed the upcoming Belgrade Conference of Non-Aligned States.

September 1944

Memorandum by George Kennan , 'Russia – Seven Years Later' (excerpt)

George Kennan describes Stalin's character, underlining the importance of his nationality, ignorance of the west, and his seclusion. Kennan further warns that Stalin's advisors are not interested in collaborating with western democracies, and that Russia's internal police regime is developed beyond its foreign policy.

February 22, 1946

George Kennan's 'Long Telegram'

George F. Kennan writes to the Secretary of State with a lengthy analysis of Soviet policy in an attempt to explain their recent uncooperative behavior. This message would later become famous as the "long telegram."

December 21, 1951

George Kennan’s Views on Radio Liberty

Office of Policy Coordination officers visit Princeton to solicit George Kennan’s views on Radio Liberty broadcasting