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November 8, 1979

Telegram from the U.S. Embassy in Seoul to the U.S. Secretary of State, 'Korea Focus -- Secretary's Discussion with Foreign Minister Park Tong-jin'

William Gleysteen reports on Cyrus Vance's conversation with Park Tong-jin.

October 28, 1979

Telegram from the American Embassy in Seoul to the Secretary of State, 'Initial Reflections on Post-Park Chung Hee Situation in Korea'

Ambassador Gleysteen says he does "not know whether the stunning events of October 26/27 were a well planned military coup" or something else.

May 21, 1980

Cable from the US Embassy in Seoul to the US Secretary of State, 'The Kwangju Crisis'

Ambassador Gleysteen writes that the "massive insurrection in Kwangju is still out of control."

May 21, 1980

Memorandum from Donald Gregg for Zbigniew Brzezinski, 'Up-Date on Korea'

Donald Gregg proposes that the United States "work with the current Korean leadership" but "express a carefully calibrated degree of disapproval" of the Gwangju massacre.

August 31, 1978

Record of Conversation with H.E. Mr. William H. Gleysteen, Jr.

Ambassadors Gleysteen and Miller discuss relations between North Korea and South Korea and the regional situation in Northeast Asia in 1978.

March 10, 1980

Congressman Solarz Visit to North Korea

The Department of State notes that the ROK media reported LDP Diet member Mihara's decision not to go to Pyongyang, heightening the visibility and sensitivity of a visit by Congressman Solarz to the DPRK.

March 17, 1980

Potential Solarz Codel to North and South Korea

The note recounts a discussion with the South Korean Ambassador regarding Congressman Solarz's intention to visit North Korea.

June 13, 1979

US Department of State Cable, Korea Trilateral - Further Discussion with Foreign Minister

Ambassador Gleysteen reports a meeting in which he broached the idea of tripartite talks taking place between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea.

July 1, 1979

US Department of State Cable, Formal ROK-US Communication to North Korea

Ambassador Gleysteen reports on the prospects of relying on Indonesia to facilitate a tripartite dialogue between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea.

June 4, 1979

US Department of State Cable, Coordination of Initiative with President Park to Reduce Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

U.S. Ambassador to Korea William Gleysteen reports on his meeting with Park Chung Hee about the possibility of triparite talks taking place between the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea.