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August 11, 1962

Cable from Aleksander Krajewski [on a Meeting between Naszkowski and Valente]

A summary of a meeting between Polish Minister Naszkowski and Brazilian Ambassador Valente.

November 8, 1958

Code Message No. 11789 from Foreign Minister Rapacki to Naszkowski (Moscow)

Rapacki reports various reactions from the West to the new version of the Rapacki Plan.

October 20, 1958

Code Message No. 11027 from Foreign Minister Rapacki to Milnikiel (London)

Message from Rapacki to the ambassador in London which lays out the new two-stage proposal for the Rapacki Plan. Rapacki also requests that5 Milnikiel meet with leaders of the Labor Party to gather their opinions on the Plan.

May 17, 1958

A. Rapacki, 'Record of Conversation with the Ambassador of Great Britain, on May 17, 1958'

Record of a conversation during which British Ambassador Berthoud presents Rapacki with a British note in response to the Polish memo on the Rapacki Plan.

February 12, 1958

File Note of Foreign Minister A. Rapacki

Memorandum outlines the details of the nuclear-free zone proposed in the Rapacki Plan.

January 30, 1958

Deputy Minister Winiewicz, 'Record of Conversation with the Ambassador of Bulgaria on the 30th of this Month'

Winiewicz discusses the Bulgarian proposal for a ban on thermonuclear weapons between Bulgaria, Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Italy, and the subsequent negative Polish response.

February 14, 1958

Letter, A. Rapacki to Mr. Jacob D. Beam, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America in Warsaw

Adam Rapacki, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, discusses the Polish Plan and the Soviet proposal for a meeting of various heads of state.

January 11, 1958

Department of International Political and Economic Organizations, 'File Note regarding Reactions to Minister Rapacki's UN Proposal'

Report on the positive reception to the Rapacki Plan on the part of several countries, namely Czechoslovakia, the GDR, and Belgium. The note discusses the importance of the plan in terms of the disarmament debate.

January 2, 1958

Address by Polish Foreign Minister Rapacki at the United Nations General Assembly, 'Polish proposal for a European Zone Free From Atomic Weapons'

In response to the arming of West Germany, Rapacki proposes a European Nuclear Weapon Free Zone.

February 15, 1963

Secret Telegram from Rapacki (Warsaw) to Jaszczuk (Moscow)

Cable from Adam Rapacki to Boleslaw Jaszczuk in Moscow describing to him a conversation between Polish and the North Vietnamese officials in Warsaw.