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March 26, 1993

Memorandum of Conversation: Meeting with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, March 26, 1993, 10:40 - 11:55 am

Clinton and Kohl discuss German-American relations, the situation in Russia, the Russo-Japanese territorial dispute, and other international issues.

November 17, 1945

TASS Report Distributed to Cdes. I.V. Stalin, V.M. Molotov, A.I. Mikoyan, L.P. Beria, G.M. Malenkov, and A. Ya. Vyshinsky, 'The Newspaper Le Pays on Attlee's Talks with Truman'

TASS reports on a Le Pays article that cites Molotov on Soviet reservations about a meeting between the United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union in London following an Anglo-American conference.

November 28, 1967

Letter, Harry S. Truman to Father Paul White

Harry Truman dismisses the request from Father Paul White to build a hospital in South Korea bearing Truman's namesake.

October 9, 1945

TASS Digest, 'Reactions to Truman's Message to Congress about the Atomic Bomb; etc.'

Stories include disputes in the US about putting the atomic bomb under international supervision, a speech by Truman on the atomic bomb, British conservative party politics, the dissolution of the national assembly in Portugal, elections in Budapest, and a speech by British Foreign Secretary Bevin on the conference of ministers of foreign affairs.

September 23, 1949

Statement by President Truman in Response to First Soviet Nuclear Test

Shortly after the first Soviet nuclear bomb test on August 29, 1949, United States spy planes detected evidence of radioactivity from the blast. In this statement, President Truman revealed to the public for the first time that the Soviet Union had built and successfully detonated a nuclear bomb.

June 8, 1945

Cable, Summary of Averell Harriman Meeting with Stalin and Molotov

Harriman updates the President on the adverse relations between the USSR and the United States; observes that Stalin cannot understand the United State's interest in establishing an independent Poland.

July 25, 1969

Letter from Harry S. Truman to Congressman Kastenmeier

Truman denies the use of bacteriological weapons by the United States during the Korean War.

August 19, 1945

Translation of Message from Harry S. Truman to Joseph Stalin

Responding to a message from Stalin, Truman agrees to allow Soviet control of the Kurile Islands, but stresses that all islands of Japan proper, including Hokkaido, are to be surrendered to US forces.

June 27, 1950

Statement by the President, Truman on Korea

Truman's statement on the invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces.

April 14, 1950

National Security Council Report, NSC 68, 'United States Objectives and Programs for National Security'

On US national security policy at the beginning of the Cold War. Includes an assessment of the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union, as well as US and Soviet nuclear weapons capabilities.