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September 29, 1978

UN Security Council Resolution 435 on Namibia

UN Security Council Resolution reiterating its view of South Africa's presence in Namibia as illegal, and establishing a United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) to support the UN Special Representative and help ensure free and fair elections in Namibia. Voids all actions and elections taken by South Africa's administration in Namibia.

July 27, 1978

UN Security Council Resolution 432 on Walvis Bay and Namibia

Resolution of the UN Security Council, supporting reintegration of Walvis Bay into Namibia's territory.

April 10, 1978

Letter from the Representatives of Canada, France, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America to the President of the UN Security Council on Proposed Resolution on Namibia

Letter from Western powers delineating their plan for implementation of Security Council Resolution 365, on Namibian independence. Includes processes for holding elections, the creation of the United Nations Special Representative, and transition of power over to the government of Namibia.

January 30, 1976

Resolution 385 of the United Nations Security Council on Namibia

UN Security Council resolution condemning South Africa's occupation of and presence in Namibia, and demanding, among other things, that South Africa end apartheid in Namibia and release its Namibian political prisoners.

July 5, 1950

United Nations Security Council Resolution 84

June 25, 1950

United Nations Security Council Resolution 82, on Korea

The Security Council makes a complaint of aggression by North Korean forces upon the Republic of Korea