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December 7, 1955

Journal of Soviet Ambassador to the DPRK V. I. Ivanov for 7 December 1955

Ivanov speaks with Kim Il Sung about the proceedings of the most recent KWP CC plenum. The plenum touched upon plans to improve North Korea’s agriculture sector. Ivanov describes in length Kim’s accusation of Chinese and Soviet Korean party members of undermining the party leadership. Ivanov advises against categorizing party members as Soviet, Chinese, or local.

July 16, 1953

Report of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Poland in Korea

The Polish Embassy provides details the political and economic situation in the DPRK and China's economic assistance to North Korea.

September 22, 1950

Information about the North Korean Workers Party Central Committee Meeting

Heo Gai discusses the possibilities of North Korea's turning to the Soviet Union and China for military support.

September 6, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with Pak Ui-wan

Pak Ui-wan explains to V.I. Ivanov the personality cult in the Korean Worker's Party and the somewhat unstable condition of the Worker's Party due to the debate surrounding the cult of personality.

April 4, 1957

Notes from a Conversation between the 1st Secretary of the PRL Embassy in the DPRK with the 1st Secretary of the Embassy of the USSR, Comrade Pimenov of 26-27-28-29.III.1957

Brzezinski Henryk and Comrade Pimenov discuss political groups in North Korea, Soviet specialists in the DPRK, the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, and the reunification of Korea.

March 12, 1956

Memorandum of Conversation with the DPRK Vice Premier of the Cabinet of Ministers and Member of the KWP CC Presidium, Pak Chang-ok

Relations between S.Filanov and Kim Il Sung are discussed, the internal political oppression of DPRK, the restricted press.

September 14, 1949

Telegram from Tunkin to the Soviet Foreign Ministry in Reply to 11 September Telegram

North Korea plans to attack South Korea, but the Soviet Foreign Ministry is skeptical about North Korea's actual military capabilities and generally disproves of North Korea's plans.

June 8, 1961

Report, Embassy of Hungary in North Korea to the Hungarian Foreign Ministry

Hungarian Ambassador Károly Práth reports on party membership and purges in the Korean Workers' Party based on a speech delivered by Kim Il Sung.