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June 18, 1980

Memorandum, Zbigniew Brzezinski to the Secretary of State, 'Post-INFCE Explorations by Jerry Smith,' with attached memorandum by Warren Christopher to the President, 'Post-INFCE Explorations'

The memorandum contains Cristopher's analysis of advantages and risks to Ambassador Smith's proceeding with post-INFCE explorations.

June 10, 1980

Memorandum, Leon Billings to the Secretary, 'Non-Proliferation'

The memorandum describing Billing urged the Secretary against sending a memorandum to the President that is biased toward Smith's argument.

June 6, 1980

Memorandum for the Files by Leon Billings, 'Non-Proliferation'

The memorandum describes Ambassador Smith's stance on US policy permitting the use of plutonium for demonstration programs.

June 4, 1980

Talking Points, with Policy Planning Staff Paper and Memoranda from Holbrooke, Smith, and Pickering Attached,

The memorandum elaborates background materials compiled by Smith, Pickering, Holbroke and Lake for a meeting with Secretary Muskie.

June 4, 1980

Memorandum, Gus Speth to Secretary of State Edmund Muskie, 'Implementation of the President's Non-Proliferation Policy'

The memorandum describing Gus Speth's recommendation to Secretary Muskie to abide by President Carter's 1977 policy.

May 22, 1980

Record of Policy Review Committee Meeting, 'Korea'

Officials from the US Department of State, the White House, the CIA, NSC, OSD, and JCS determine US policy toward South Korea in light of the events in Gwangju.

May 27, 1980

Conversation between Soviet Foreign Minister Comrade Andrei Gromyko with US Secretary of State Edmund S. Muskie, 27 May 1980

Muskie and Gromyko discuss tensions between the Soviet Union and United States following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.