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April 25, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation between Yitzak Rabin and Henry Kissinger

Rabin and. Kissinger discuss the Soviet's participation in the Egyptian Air Force, an increase in Egyptian air attacks on Israel, and potential American responses.

May 21, 1970

Memorandum for the Record, "Meeting of the NSC Special Review Group on the Middle East

Notes on an NSC Special Review Group, discussing the shift in balance and policy after the US commitment to supply aircraft to Israel.

May 12, 1970

Memorandum for the President, "Sisco Reflections after Mid-east Trip"

A review of Secretary Sisco's trip to the Middle East, in which he inuits that neither Egypt nor Israel believe peace is possible with the other at the current time.

August 12, 1970

NSC Special Review Group Meeting, August 12, 1970, "Middle East"

A summary of decisions made in the NSC Special Group meeting. The group decided to proceed with the delivery of weapons previously promised to Israel, and discussed plans for the consideration of future weapons requests, as well as expectations for the upcoming negotiations.

March 10, 1970

TelCon between Sisco and Kissinger, March 10, 1970

A conversation between Kissinger and Sisco regarding the possibility of the US providing replacement planes to Israel.

June 9, 1970

Memorandum of Conversation between Secretary of State Rogers and Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin

A recap of a meeting in which Secretary Rogers and Ambassador Dobrynin discuss proposed formulations to negotiate a peace in the Middle East, and the Soviet Union's involvement in the UAR.

December 24, 1969

Telegram from J. Sisco and A.L. Atherton to Secretary of State

An outline of the Soviet response to the current situation between Israel and the United Arab Republic. Sisco believes their reply is not constructive and will not improve issues in the region.

December 4, 1969

Sisco Telcon with Kissinger - Dec. 4, 1969

A telcon from Joseph Siscco in which he discusses the opinions of top government officials in regards to Middle East negotiations.

October 25, 1969

Status of US-Soviet Talks

Sisco discusses a working paper he is negotiating with the Soviet Union, making it clear that the US is not prepared to compromise on the first four points of the agreement. He plans to first inform the UAR of his work with the Soviets, then the Israelis.

October 10, 1969

Next Steps on the Middle East

Sisco references a memorandum outlining the overall strategy for US discussions with the Soviet Union on the Middle East. He intendeds that the deal they plan to offer will focus on the borders with the UAR and Jordan.