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November 2, 1946

Cable Nº 37172/37168 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran I. V. Sadchikov reports on increased repression of populist organizations, trade unions, and the People's Party of Iran (Tudeh). He requests instructions on how to advise populists who hope to declare a one-day general protest strike.

October 24, 1946

Cable Nº 35907/35893 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran Sadchikov passes along Iranian General Razmara's requests for weapons and ammunition.

October 19, 1946

Cable Nº 35418 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran I. V. Sadchikov forwards a letter from Iranian Prime Minister Ahmad Qavam to the Soviet leadership requesting approval for Muzaffar Firuz's appointment as Iranian Ambassador to the Soviet Union.

October 2, 1946

Cable Nº 32951/32947/32970 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran Sadchikov informs the Soviet leadership that Qavam claims not to be delaying Majlis elections in order to avoid implementing the Soviet Union's oil concession in Iran. Qavam instead insists that elections will be held once there is an acceptable resolution to the Azerbaijani and Qashqai conflicts as well as other conditions necessary to ensure a majority in the Majlis.

September 21, 1946

Cable from Tehran Nº 31343/31353

In a cable to the Soviet leadership, Soviet Ambassador to Iran Ivan Sadchikov reports that the Iranian government is requesting bombers and tanks to put down a Qashqai revolt near Shiraz. Sadchikov notes that the Iranian army remains concentrated at the border with Azerbaijan and already possesses bombers and tanks that it has employed against Azerbaijanis. He asks for instructions on how to reply should a formal request be made.

April 26, 1946

Cable Nº 12753 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran Ivan Sadchikov details Iranian Deputy Prime Minister Firuz Muzaffar's observations on the actions of Prime Minister Ahmad Qavam's opponents. These opponents, Firuz argues, are attempting to remove him in order to increase their influence over Qavam, are distancing Qavam from the People's Party, and are organizing various tribes against the government. Firuz also stresses the importance of a resolution to the Azerbaijan question.

April 27, 1946

Cable Nº 12703/12705 from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador to Iran Ivan Sadchikov discusses Muzaffar Firuz's fears of British and local intrigues against Ahmad Qavam's government.

June 6, 1946

Memo per a Telegraph Message from Tehran

Soviet Ambassador Sadchikov forwards a proposal from the Iranian government to reorganize the administration of Iranian Azerbaijan and settle with the separatist government there. Sadchikov recommends accepting the proposal.

April 4, 1946

Message from Ambassador Sadchikov to Prime Minister Qavam About the Joint Oil Company

Sadchikov expresses the Soviet government's interest in exploring a joint oil company using Northern Iranian oil.