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April 10, 1946

Memo per Telegraph Report of Atakishiyev, Ibragimov, and Gasanov from Tabriz

A memo describing recent meetings between Pishevari and others.

April 5, 1946

Memo from a Telegraph Report of Ashurov from Tehran

Memo describing the conclusion of Soviet-Iranian negotiations. A joint communique was adopted with provisions to withdraw Soviet troops from Iran, establish a joint oil company, and conduct reforms in Iranian Azerbaijan.

April 5, 1946

Memo from Atakishiyev, Kerimov, Ibragimov, and Gasanov to Bagirov on April 4 meeting with Pishevari

Description of an April 4th meeting with Pishevari, President of the Azerbaijan People's Government in Iranian Azerbaijan, listing his conditions for talks with Teheran. Pishevari is reportedly nervous about what will happen to the separatist movement.

April 5, 1946

Memo per a Telegraph Report of Nazarli from Rasht

A memo about a conflict between a general and several peasants that broke out after he demanded that they pay him a portion of their harvests.

February 23, 1946

General-Major Yemel’yanov, People’s Commissar of State Security of the Azerbaijan SSR, 'Memo on the Amount of Weapons Sent to Iranian Azerbaijan'

A memo listing the numbers of weapons sent to Iranian Azerbaijan from the Azerbaijan SSR, including what is currently available.

December 9, 1946

Memo via a Telegraph Message from Tabriz

Forwarding a message from the leaders of the Azerbaijan Democratic Party begging for military aid from the Soviet Union against Iranian forces.