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September 23, 1944

The Battle for Warsaw

Stalin updates Harriman and Kerr on the Battle for Warsaw and what the Red Army has encountered as it advances toward Warsaw.

September 23, 1944

The President’s and the Prime Minister’s Message to Marshal Stalin regarding the Quebec Decisions

Stalin, Kerr, and Harriman discuss plans for fighting in the Far East and the Pacific.

September 23, 1944

Prisoners of War in the Balkans

Harriman and Stalin discuss the Red Army's help evacuating American prisoners of war from Romania and their treatment by the Bulgarians.

September 23, 1944

Establishment of a Tripartite Military Committee in Moscow

Harriman, Kerr, and Stalin discuss the development of a tripartite military committee.

September 23, 1944

Operations in France

Marshal Stalin and Clark Kerr discuss the strategy in France and hurting Germany by taking industrial centers.

September 23, 1944

Bomb Installations at Debice

Clark Kerr thanks Stalin for cooperating with Anglo-American experts that recently inspected rocket installations in Debica, Poland.
Note that the document refers to the city of Debice, Poland, which is in Northwestern Poland, near the German border. This city is not known to have or been near any rocket installations and it is therefore assumed by the processor that Debica was the correct city due to its proximity to Blizna and that it was called Debice in error.

September 23, 1944

Stalin, Harriman and Kerr Discuss a Future Meeting

Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr discuss the possibility of a future "big three" meeting with Stalin.

September 23, 1944

Stalin’s Conversation with Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr

Ambassadors Harriman and Kerr discuss Stalin's surprise about the Warsaw Uprising, the Russian's engaging with the Japanese after Germany's defeat, and the next Big Three Meeting.

September 23, 1944

Paraphrase of Navy Cable

Harriman adds to a former cable that Stalin thinks the proposed British landing in Greece is a good plan.

September 23, 1944

Harriman's Telegram to the President

Harriman updates Roosevelt on Stalin's recent illness and a possible future meeting in the Mediterranean in November.