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August 27, 1944

Stalin's conversation with Boleslaw Bierut

Stalin and Bierut discuss the treatment of the Poles and Polish sovereignty at the hands of the Soviets since 1937.

August 9, 1944

Stalin and Bierut Meet

Stalin, Bierut, and Molotov dicuss Polish-Soviet relations.

August 5, 1944

Boleslow Bierut Arrives in Moscow

The President of the National Council of Poland gives a speech in Moscow.

August 15, 1948

Boleslaw Bierut's Notes to a Conversation with Josef Stalin on approximately 15 August 1948

Bierut and Stalin discuss plans for post-war Poland. Topics include the position of right-leaning groups in Poland and relationships with other Communist countries.

August 28, 1946

Bierut's Notes of a Conversation with Stalin on the Situation in the Polish Socialist Party (PPS) and Preparations for Parliamentary Elections in Poland

Bierut and Stalin discuss ongoing internal political struggles among Polish communists and other leftist organizations in Poland.

April 7, 1946

Bierut's Telephone Conversation with Stalin

Bierut and Stalin discuss the ecnonomic needs of post-war Poland in regards to grain and coal. Internal Polish politics are also discussed.

December 18, 1944

Minutes from a Meeting of the Military Division of the CC PPR Relating to Information Provided by Gen. Rola-Żymierski from his Talks with Stalin

Polish representatives discuss their country's military with Stalin.


Excerpts from the Memoirs of Wladyslaw Gomulka Concerning the Polish Communist Leader's Meetings with Stalin in 1944-1945

Gomulka describes the meeting of the KRN delegation with Stalin in 1944. He describes his personal meetings with Stalin in 1944-45, summarizing Stalin's views on agriculture, collectivization, Poland's international relations, and the communist Party in Poland.

December 14, 1944

Minutes from a Meeting of the Politburo Held on 14 December 1944

Bierut's account of three conversations with Stalin held between 6 and 14 December 1944. Stalin and Bierut discuss Poland's internal politics. In another meeting, Stalin and Bierut discuss France's attitude toward Poland; Stalin says that France only agreed to support Poland under pressure from the USSR.

October 22, 1944

Minutes of the PWP CC Meetings on 22 October 1944

Bierut describes the meeting between Mikolajczyk, Stalin, and Churchill, discussing how Stalin rejected Mikolajczyk's memorandum on the Polish situation. Bierut, Churchill, and Stalin discuss the rebuilding of Poland: Churchill thinks reforms should be postponed until after the war, Stalin and Bierut disagree. Beirut and Mikolajczyk discuss the Curzon line and the PKWN. In a final meeting, Churchill, Stalin, and Bierut discuss Polands economy and infrastructure.