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April 2, 1958

Note by Foreign Secretary Subimal Dutt on Conversation with Polish Ambassador

Poland requests that India express support for the Polish plan for nuclear disarmament in Europe.

December 22, 1976

Policy Planning Division, Ministry of External Affairs, 'Notes on a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in South Asia'

Analysis of and proposed response to Pakistan's nuclear-weapon-free zone proposal.

December 22, 1976

UN and Conference Divisions, Ministry of External Affairs, 'Brief on India’s position on the question of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in South Asia'

Considerations of Pakistan's proposal for a nuclear-weapon-free zone in South Asia

December 22, 1976

Ministry of External Affairs, Africa Division, 'Disarmament and Nuclear Energy'

This report depicts India’s stance on disarmament.

October 3, 1973

Press Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, 'Text of Swaran Singh’s Statement at UN Assembly'

Statement by Indian Government on President Allende's death.

March 1, 1956

Message from Buenos Aires to Ministry of External Affairs, External Publicity Division, 'Future of Antarctica - India’s Reported Move Criticized'

Newspapers in Chile published editorials which contend that Chile’s rights in Antarctic are undisputed and do not admit of any doubt, be it juridical or political


Message, J.C. Ajmani, Deputy Secretary (DIS), 'Subject: Resolutions adopted by the 52nd Inter-Parliamentary Conference held in Belgrade (Yugoslavia) in September 1963'

The Indian government compares the final resolution to the draft resolution with which they agreed and states their position towards the final resolution


Note on the Views of the Dutch Government on Disarmament

The Dutch government supports a general and complete disarmament agreement under international control, but such agreement should not disturb the balance of power.

March 3, 1956

Excerpt from Papers Prepared by the Historical Division on Antarctica

Antarctica is a strategic location with abundant natural resources and thirty countries are involved in research there.