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October 1, 1964

MAE cable on Von Hassel Declaration

Correction by FRG minister of Defense Von Hassel and discussion of US position concerning veto rights of MLF members.

February 8, 1963

MAE Cable Report on MLF

Note by embassies in Parigi, Aja and Italian Atlantic Council delegation on recent developments of NATO MLF.

October 25, 1963

MAE report to MD/SMD on MRBM Missiles deployment in Europe

The report discusses rumors about SECEUR Lemnitzer's intention to deploy MRBM missiles in Europe as well as US government position on the same issue.

September 13, 1963

Note by MAE DAP on European Provision in MLF

Note by NATO Desk on the proposal by the Italian government to include a European Provision in the MLF covenant.

July 11, 1960

Letter from MAE to GA on Polaris Issue

Note for MD Andreotti concerning deployment of Polaris on Italian ships


Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Disarmament'

This note my the Italian Foreign Ministry discusses the growing tensions caused by the ongoing arms race and introduces different disarmament strategies suggested by the Soviet Union, Denmark, and the Warsaw Pact.

February 20, 1966

Report by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Nuclear Planning Working Group of the "Special Committee" (Washington, 17th-18th February, 1966),
with a letter from Andrea Cagiati'

Cagiati sends Andreotti a report about the meeting in Washington, which concluded Giulio Andreotti's period as Minister of Defense. Cagiati thanks Andreotti for his work, that made sure that "in this period the relationship between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense has been strong and efficient like never before". The report describes the meeting (the first meeting of this working group) and the viewpoints of the participants, with special attention payed to the US nuclear policy. The document describes also the fields which require further investigations by the Working Group. There are Cagiati's personal reflections too.

April 30, 1966

Report by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Special Committee.
Meeting of the Nuclear Planning Working Group at the level of Ministers of Defense (London, 28th-29th April 1966)'

The report describes the second meeting of the Nuclear Planning Working Group at the level of Ministers of Defense, during which a discussion about the planning, the use and the political control of tactical nuclear weapons has taken place. The document analyzes the SACEUR's position, the data related to the opposing armed forces existing in the European theater; the possible hypothesis of local conflicts and the problems related to the various scenarios. The London meeting was "open-ended", without leading to any concrete decision, and the topic appeared more complex than expected. The document observes that within the NATO there are diverging opinions on these matters.

June 2, 1965

Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Atlantic Nuclear Committee'

The note describes the proposal made by MacNamara as the most recent element of the US political-strategic thinking. The document explains MacNamara's proposal from its origins to the current situation. The document analyzes the position of various countries, with a focus on the Italian one and some points which still need to be sorted out. Italy seems interested in participating in the proposed Committee.

January 10, 1965

Memorandum by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 'Origins and evolution of the project to establish a multilateral nuclear force'

The note describes the story of the project to establish a multilateral nuclear force within NATO, from the origins up to the current situation.