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June 7, 1983

Memorandum of Meeting: Discussion Between PRC Representative and AIT/Taipei Director

The Chinese Ambassador, Ji Chaozhu, discusses developments on Taiwan with David Laux and James Lilley. Topics of conversation include the health of Chiang Ching-kuo, other leading Taiwanese politicians, cross-strait relations, Taiwan's economic development, US arms sales to Taiwan, and Taiwanese history.

February 16, 1988

Cryptogram No. 2437/I/494 from Beijing

A report on the Chinese side's suggestion for the Polish Democratic Party's visit.

March 17, 1988

Cryptogram No. 2852/D. II/188

A report on the Polish Democratic Party's meeting requests for their China trip.

April 15, 1988

Cryptogram No. 749/II/1077 from Beijing

An update on changes to the agenda of Polish Democratic Party's visit to China.

February 13, 1988

Letter, Fei Xiaotong to Tadeusz Młyńczak

Fei Xiaotong invites Tadeusz Młyńczak to visit China.


Attachment 7: Press Reactions to the Visit of the PDP Delegation Led by Vice-Chairman Marek Wieczorek in PRC

A brief summary on Renmin Ribao (People's Daily) and Renmin Zhengxie Bao (The Political Consultative Conference Magazine)'s coverage of the PDP visit.

April 20, 1988

Attachment 3: Toast by the Chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League Fei Xiaotong during the Welcome Banquet for the Delegation of the Polish Democratic Party (20 April 1988)

Fei Xiaotong emphasizes the long-standing Sino-Polish friendship, and introduces the China Democratic League as well as current political and economic reforms in China.

April 1988

Attachment 1: Program of the Visit

Program of the Democratic Party of Poland's visit to the PRC.