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October 20, 1976

Memorandum, Political Department, Unit I, Utrikesdepartmentet, 'Cabinet Secretary's Conversation with the Ambassador of North Korea'

In an unofficial meeting with North Korean Ambassador to Sweden Gil Jae-gyeong, Swedish Cabinet Secretary Sverker Åström notes evidence of North Korean smuggling and suggests that the ambassador voluntarily leave Stockholm with the diplomats involved in order to preserve positive relations between Sweden and North Korea.

October 19, 1976

Utrikesdepartementet Press Department, 'Answer to the Press Questions'

The Press Department of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs writes that the North Korean Ambassador Gil Jae-gyeong met with Political Department head Leif Leifland and adds that the Ministry is waiting for the police investigation into the North Korean smuggling case as well.

October 19, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Embassies in Oslo and Copenhagen, via the Political Department

The Swedish Cabinet requests reports on North Korean reactions to revelations of smuggling by North Korean diplomats in the Scandinavian capitals.

October 19, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Embassies in Pyongyang, Peking, and Tokyo, via the Political Department

A summary of a meeting with the North Korean ambassador in Stockholm. The ambassador denies involvement in the smuggling affair and criticizes the Swedish press. The Cabinet provides instructions and reassurance to the Swedish embassy in Pyongyang.

October 19, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Delegation to the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission, Panmunjom, via the Political Department

The Cabinet provides an update about the police investigation of North Korea's diplomats, stating that the expulsion of the diplomats will wait until the family members of Swedish diplomats in Pyongyang have been evacuated. The Cabinet also warns about potential North Korean counter moves and advises the Swedish delegation at Panmunjom not to enter North Korean territory.

October 18, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Embassy, Pyongyang, and Swedish Embassy, Peking, via the Political Department

The Cabinet informs the Swedish embassies in Pyongyang and Beijing about the police investigation revolving the North Korean embassy in Stockholm. It asks personnel in Pyongyang to make an assessment about their own security in light of the scandal.