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February 26, 1971

From the Journal of M.G. Podol’sky, 'Record of a Conversation with R. Berthold, Counsellor of the GDR Embassy in Hanoi, 18 February 1971'

A Soviet official in Vietnam recounts a meeting with an East German diplomat. The two sides discussed the nuclear threats from the United States in the Vietnam War, as well as relations with China.

August 14, 1969

From the Journal of S.I. Divil'kovsky, 'Record of a Conversation with Tran Hmu Dyk [sic], VWP CC member and Minister of the Office of the Prime Minister, 1 August 1969'

S. I. Divil'kovsky, the Counsellor of the Soviet Embassy in the DRV, records a conversation with Tran Hum Dyk. The parties discussed the ongoing Vietnam war, strained relations between the DRV and China, and the Soviet Union's gifts of aid to the DRV.

May 19, 1969

Cable from the Soviet Embassy in the DRV, 'Responses in the DRV to the work and results of the “9th CPC Congress”'

An analysis from the Soviet Embassy in the DRV of the response in the Democratic Republic of Vietnman to the 9th Chinese Communist Party Congress. The DRV is reported to be dissatisfied with the lack of attention and indifference the CPC Congress paid to Vietnam.

May 25, 1956

Telegram on Record of April 1956 Conversation with Nguen Zui Chin

Record of Nguen Zui Chin's discussion with USSR Ambassador M. V. Zimyanin and Sokolov about the meeting of the IXth CC PTV Plenum, whose goal was to review resolutions of the USSR XXth CPSU Congress. The Plenum discussed a range of topics including American involvement in South Vietnam, the cult of personality and propaganda, foreign policy, the sixth five-year plan of the USSR, economic and cultural development, strengthening the Party, peoples' assemblies, and Party leadership. Chin also detailed streamlining party organizations.