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December 1962

Report of the Commander of the 51st Missile Division concerning the Operations of the Division during the Period from 12 July through 1 December 1962

Commander of the 51st Missile Division General-Major Igor Demyanovich Statsenko's detailed postmortem on the deployment of Soviet missiles to Cuba in mid-1962 and their removal later that year following the nuclear confrontation with the United States. The report includes an attachment titled: "Some Questions of Operational and Tactical Concealment during the Operation of the Division on the Island of Cuba."

March 30, 1961

Report from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC regarding the Preparation and Launch of a Manned Spacecraft

Memo from representatives of industry, the scientific community, the armed forces, the KGB, and the space designer community to the Central Committee report on final preparations for piloted spaceflight and asking for permission to launch a spaceship with a human on board.

March 24, 1961

Report from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC on Preparations to Launch the Vostok-3A

Report to Central Committee from industrial leaders, military leaders, scientists, and designers on preparations to launch a final automated test flight before actual piloted spaceflight.

September 10, 1960

Proposal from D. Ustinov et al to the CPSU CC on Human Spaceflight

Formal proposal to Central Committee from a group of industrial leaders, military officials, scientists, and designers to carry out the first human spaceflight by December 1960.