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July 2, 1969

Radio Liberty Policy Manual: Annex: Uzbek Broadcasts

Radio Liberty outlines their policy regarding Uzbeks in the USSR with programming, with the goal of leading to "democratization, social justice, and national self-determination". 

February 1990

Round Two Negotiations on Working Out an Agreement About the Guiding Principles of a Mutual Reduction of Armed Forces and a Strengthening of Confidence in the Military Field in the Soviet-Chinese Border Region

This chart graphically compares the PRC's and Soviet positions on the reduction of armed forces through the determination of specific geographical zones, as well as the reduction of the amount of military equipment and facilities in the border regions.

March 25, 1959

Letter from B.G. Gafurov to CC CPSU regarding a Meeting for the Fourth Anniversary of the Bandung Conference

Request to the CC CPSU to hold a conference honoring the anniversary of the Bandung Confernece.

June 13, 1958

Letter, Akhtar Hussein to Comrade Mukhitdinov

Ambassador Akhtar Hussein reports on his visit to Uzbekistan and other republics.


Report from S. Rizaev to N.A.Mukhitdinov

Recommendations for the Soviet Union to imrpove its image among Muslims, including utilizing the physical heritage of Islamic culture within the USSR and respecting freedom of religious practice.

October 28, 1958

Yuri Zhukov, 'Regarding Soviet Propaganda in the East and Our cultural Ties with Countries of the East'

Report on capitalist countries in Asia and Africa and prospects for propaganda efforts in mobilizing the masses toward socialism.

June 10, 1943

Concerning a Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

The Politburo directs the NKVD to permit the organization of a Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

January 5, 1961

Implementation of the CC CPSU Decree 'Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda'

Report on the implementation of the CC CPSU decree to broadcast radio programs to counter VOA and BBC broadcasts.

July 19, 1960

CPSU CC Decree of the Secretariat Protocol Nº 158 § 6 Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda

A Central Committee decree on measures to counter "hostile radio propaganda" by increasing broadcasts of Soviet radio programs.

July 15, 1960

CC CPSU Report, 'Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda Directed at the Soviet Population'

Report from the head of the Department of Agitation and Propaganda of the Central Committee of the CPSU detailing the shortcomings of Soviet broadcast media in countering Western broadcasts. The document is noteworthy for its criticism of the poor distribution of Soviet newscasts in the Eastern part of the USSR, and acknowledgment of how Western broadcasts have filled this void. An interesting point is made on the habit of adapting Soviet-made receivers to capture Western shortwave broadcasts.