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July 8, 1991

The Chancellor's [Helmut Kohl's] Meeting with Soviet President Gorbachev on Friday, 5 July 1991, in Meseroye near Kiev

Kohl and Gorbachev confer on the state of reforms in the Soviet Union, Western financial assistance and preparations for Gorbachev's participation in the World Economic Summit in London later in July. In addition, they discuss European security, EC enlargement and the potential enlargement of NATO.

December 30, 1970

Memorandum, John Ward to the President, RadLibCom [Howland H. Sargeant], 'New Radio Liberty Policy Manuea'

The CIA liaison officer confirms to RLC President Sargeant approval of the revised Policy Manual for Radio Liberty broadcasts while forwarding alternative views of two current Soviet developments

July 7, 1970

Memorandum, John Ward to the President, RadLibCom [Howland H. Sargeant], 'Target Area Listener Report #177-70, dated 10 June 1970'

The CIA liaison official asks RLC President Sargeant to forward the identity of two Ministry of Agricultural officials quoted in the Listener Report. 

July 13, 1962

Memorandum by Stan Ward, 'Radio Liberty Programming'

A CIA official reviews for AMCOMLIB President Sargeant criticisms of RL programing made by RL policy advisor Tuck and suggests the need for additional management editorial control of problematic RL scripts.

July 16, 1969

Radio Liberty Broadcast Position Statement: Developments in Eastern Europe

Radio Liberty outlines the current communist situation in Eastern Europe, and describes their goal as convincing listeners in East Europe that the Warsaw Pact and COMECON are self-defeating. 

July 1, 1969

Radio Liberty Policy Position Statement: The Soviet Union and International Communism

Radio Liberty analyzes the current situation of international communism where Moscow is regarded as the leading city. RL states their objective in broadcasting about the Soviet Union as a way to influence developments in the USSR away from communism and towards international cooperation. 

November 3, 1960

Radio Liberty Policy Position Statement: Free Exchange of Information and Ideas

Radio Liberty outlines the goal of the programming, which is to encourage Soviet listeners to advocate for freedom of information. 

May 5, 1959

Radio Liberation Policy Position Statement: World Youth Festival

Radio Liberty outlines its intention to intensify youth outreach efforts during the World Youth Festival-- a festival which they argue is a communist propaganda event. 

April 17, 1967

Memorandum from Howland Sargeant, 'Basic Briefing on Three Key Programs of the Radio Liberty Committee'

RLC President Sargeant outlines the operations of Radio Liberty, the Institute for the Study of the USSR, and the Soviet book program.  He discusses alternative organizational and funding possibilities for RL and attaches a draft paper on “The National Council for Freedom of Information”

May 10, 1965

Letter, Robert L. Tuck to Howland H. Sargeant

RL policy advisor Tuck informs President Sargeant of changes made in the text of a new Policy Manual in response to concerns of RL nationality service editors.