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December 1, 1965

Kh. K. Karimov, 'A Short Report on the Work of the “People’s education in Soviet Tajikistan (Kabul, November 20 – December 2 1965)” Exhibition'

Account of a recent exhibition in Kabul, including a Tajik publication in Arabic script and a conversation with a refugee from Samarkand.

June 28, 1979

Report on the Situation in Afghanistan, Gromyko, Andropov, Ustinov, and Ponomarev to CPSU CC

The CC CPSU points to the economic 'backwardness,' small middle class, and the weakness of the PDPA as the reasons behind political instability in Afghanistan. Increasing internal support of the PDPA and strengthening the Afghan military are proposed solutions achieve stability.

January 7, 1980

Memorandum on the discussion with the Afghan side concerning the building of a radio broadcast station

Confirming the decision to build a medium-wave broadcasting station, this CC CPSU includes information about station's construction site, its time frame for being built, and the economic credits which will be used to finance the project.

February 19, 1980

Assisting the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in Strengthening the Mass Media

A plan to build a pro-Soviet, anti-counterevolutionary media campagin, in Afghanistan. The plan includes an intenship program for the "Bakhtar" Afghan News Agency in Moscow.

February 3, 1989

Report of the Soviet Ambassador Y. M. Vorontsov, concerning the current political situation inside Afghanistan and the possibilities of solving the Afghan question

This document discusses the disagreements among Afghan leaders regarding a coalition government. The Soviet invasion, withdrawal, and the prospects for peace with Afghanistan are also revealed.

December 29, 1979

Excerpt from the Minutes of the CC CPSU Politburo Meeting, 'Reply to an appeal of President Carter about the issue of Afghanistan through the direct communications channel'

Soviet letter to US President Jimmy Carter responding to the US position on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The CC CPSU Politburo informs the White House that the Soviet leadership desires to maintain detente with the US and that the intervention of Soviet troops was done at the request of the Afgan leadership, under Article 51 of the UN charter.

June 29, 1979

Excerpt from Minutes Nº 156 of the CC CPSU Politburo meeting

This document discusses the situations in Kabul with the CC CPSU and the CC PDPA.

October 4, 1978

Telegram from the Czechoslovak Ambassador in Kabul, Karmelita, to Prague about his conversation with Taraki

This document is a telegram from the Czechoslovak Ambassador in Kabul, Karmelita, to Prague. Karmelita provides a breif overview of his conversation.