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March 27, 1952

National Intelligence Estimate Number 27/1, 'Chinese Communist Capabilities and Intentions with Respect to Taiwan through 1952'

The CIA predicts that, as long as US support to Taiwan remains constant, the PRC cannot stage a successful attack on the island.

March 16, 1955

National Intelligence Estimate Number 100-4-55, 'Communist Capabilities and Intentions with Respect to the Offshore Islands and Taiwan through 1955, and Communist and Non-Communist Reactions with Respect to the Defense of Taiwan'

The CIA on whether the PRC has the ability to seize Taiwan and/or the offshore islands.

Date unknown

Questions and Answers about Space Weapons

This CND pamphlet sets out the case against the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative which was being pursued by the Reagan Administration.

July 3, 1985

Letter, Joan Ruddock and Bruce Kent to Vice-President of the United States George Bush

This letter to then Vice-President Bush sets out CND's opposition to the British Government's involvement in the Reagan Administration's Strategic Defense Initiative (popularly known as Star Wars).

December 6, 1983

Letter, Yuri Zhukov, President of the Soviet Peace Committee, to Bruce Kent

In this letter, Zhukov sets out how, from the Soviet perspective, the Soviets have been working towards peace but the deployment of Cruise and Pershing missiles in Western Europe derailed arms control talks in Geneva and has made the international situation markedly worse. He invites the CND to work with the Soviet Union "to further our common struggle for a nuclear-free Europe."

June 12, 1893

Speech by Joan Ruddock at the CND Rally on 12 June 1983

This speech by Joan Ruddock, Chairperson of CND, was given three days after the Conservatives won an increased majority in the 1983 general election. She responds to the election results and what lessons can be drawn from this, before explaining how CND's work will continue. 

May 25, 1983

Invitation from Joan Ruddock and Bruce Kent, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

This letter from Joan Ruddock and Bruce Kent, dated 25 May 1983, invites CND supporters to a national rally three days after the UK general election. The authors note that the CND has had 'a major impact' on the election and that 'for the first time in twenty years nuclear weapons are a crucial issue on which many people may decide how to cast their vote'.

June 1982

Vote CND Thursday 3 June 1982

This CND leaflet encouraged voters to back candidates who opposed Cruise and Trident in the June 1982 by-election in Mitcham and Morden, London. The seat was won by Conservative candidate Angela Rumbold, however, in a rare case of the governing party picking up a seat in a by-election.

October 1982

Vote Against the Bomb

This leaflet was prepared by the CND chapter in Peckham, London, for the by-election held on 28 October 1982. The by-election was won by the CND's favoured candidate, Labour's Harriet Harman, who was elected to the House of Commons for the first time

April 1983

Cruise: Your Questions Answered

This information leaflet was produced by the Ministry of Defence in April 1983, leading up to the June 1983 general election. The publication explains the Government's position and why the deployment of Cruise missiles is in the UK's interest. While the pamphlet engaged with arguments advanced by peace organisations, no specific groups are named.